Rockstar Games Working to Fix Camp Bug in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games have announced that they are working to fix the camp bug in Red Dead Redemption 2 which has been locking out a certain chunk of story out for some people if they fail a certain mission in the game in Chapter 2 of the main story.

Announced via their official support page, Rockstar Games said that they are aware of the main story bug and are working to fix it as soon as possible. Earlier, players have been reporting of this bug where they would fail a mission given by Uncle and then retrying from a checkpoint will make four characters to disappear from the camp site locking out some unique camp member encounters.

Rockstar Games have given a temporary solution to get around this bug until a patch is released. All players need to do is to start the mission ‘Polite Society, Valentine Style’ and then complete the mission in one go without failing it. If the players fail the mission, instead of retrying from a checkpoint, quit the mission and start it again or choose start from beginning to avoid the bug.

This bug does not affect the story in anyway and the characters, Sadie, Jack, John and Abigail return to the camp and the story continues like normal after Chapter 4. However, players miss their unique conversations which occur during this period in the game. Loading a previous saved file prior to completing Uncle’s mission will also fix the bug as long as the mission stated above is completed in one go.

At this point, players have no other way to avoid this bug. Rockstar Games is working on a patch to fix it and it will be out soon. However, this bug is so early in the game, only those players who completed the mission without failing were able to avoid this bug. Now that it has been brought to light, players who are yet to reach that part of the main story can use the alternate methods to avoid the bug until the patch comes out.

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