Rockstar Games is Giving Free Gold Bars in Red Dead Online Beta

Red Dead Online Beta

In a recent announcement on their official website, Rockstar Games has announced that they are rewarding the Red Dead Online community with different rewards along with a new update. The new update 1.05 is now live and incorporates different changes to Red Dead Online based on the early feedback they have received by the fans.

According to the official release, Rockstar Games is going to give free Gold Bars to every player who has played Red Dead Online since its start until December 20, 2018. Which means there is still time so if you have not tried Red Dead Online until now, jump in it and get some free Gold Bars.

These Gold Bars will be delivered to the fans in the coming days. Each player will get a total of 15 gold bars. This will be complete by the December 24th so if you want your hands on some gold bars, better jump in Red Dead Online. When your gift has been delivered for you, you will receive a notification when you start Red Dead Online.

Apart from Gold Bars, players will also receive some in-game cash bonuses. This is only for those people who pre-ordered the different versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 or simply opted for Ultimate or Special versions of the game. This will start going out to players from December 21, 2018. The amount of cash rewards depends on which version the players ordered.

Players who purchased Special Edition will receive RDO$100, Ultimate Edition RDO$1000 and everyone who pre-ordered the game will get RDO$100 along with both Special Edition and Ultimate Edition cash prize. Rockstar Games is really rewarding the loyal players with in-game currency big time.

Apart from this, update 1.05 will bring many different bug and glitch fixes with itself. Another big feature now available in the game is the Store which is now available in the game. More details can be found here.

Red Dead Online Beta is now live on PS4 and Xbox One.

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