Risk of Rain 2 First Update Scorched Acres Available Tomorrow

Risk of Rain 2 Scorched Acres

Hopoo Games is set to bring out the first update of Risk of Rain 2 called Scorched Acres. The update will be available for PC players tomorrow, June 25. Scorched Acres will give the game a new boss to fight with, a new survivor along with a new stage, plus many other items and equipment to add to the inventory.

Scorched Acres is the first of the four early access updates that the developer has planned for Risk of Rain 2. The new survivor being added in the game is called Rex, who is a survivor with robot legs. Like any other characters in the game, Rex comes with his own set of unique skills that vary from plant-based to having robotic features.

Risk of Rain 2 Scorched Acres

The first skill Rex has is firing a burst of three darts, with the third dart healing Rex if it hits an enemy. The second skill is a mortar that takes off some of Rex’s health to use. He also has the ability to push and shove enemies away from him. Rex’s plant ability include firing seed in the ground that quickly grows vines that root enemies in an area of effect. This essentially will halt as each enemy will be stuck in the area.

Scorched Acres is the first update planned for the game until its 1.0 launch next year. the developers also planned a 2.0 skills update this summer, and another update for artefacts planned for this winter. Players should be expecting a lot of content to come this year before the game officially launches next Spring. Hopoo Games has also hired more staff to work on the updates, which also suggests that the developers have a lot planned for Risk of Rain 2.

What do you think of the Scorched Acres update in Risk of Rain 2 coming tomorrow? Post your comments below.

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