Playtonic Friends Unveils New Main Character Voice Actors and Playable PC Demo for Elsie

Elsie Trailer

Playtonic Friends, in collaboration with Knight Shift Games, has announced exciting updates for their upcoming rogue-like action platformer, Elsie. The game introduces players to a world filled with dynamic characters, intense gameplay, and endless replayability.

Firstly, the talented voice actors behind the main characters have been revealed:

  • Elsie Lovelock as Elsie: Elsie is Dr Grey’s latest Android creation, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a determination to save the world.
  • Alex Octopimp Gross as Andru: Andru is the Proto Guardian, armed with a unique set of bladed weapons and power augments, ready to take on any challenge.
  • Terry Farrell as Dr. Grey: Dr. Grey, the Director of the Wharf and creator of the Android Guardians, is ready to lead the charge against the threats facing the city.

Check out the new Heroes Voice Actor Reveal Trailer showcasing the talented voice cast:

These voices bring depth and personality to Elsie’s diverse cast of characters, enhancing the immersive experience for players.

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In addition to the voice actor reveal, Playtonic Friends has announced that a playable PC demo of Elsie is now available for download on Steam as part of the Endless Replayability Fest, running from May 13 to 20. This demo offers a taste of the intense gameplay, procedurally generated levels, and thrilling boss fights that Elsie has to offer.

Elsie is a neo-retro, hyperkinetic rogue-like action-platformer set in the aftermath of an attack on the City of Neotoño. As players navigate through neon-drenched pixel stages, they must uncover the mysteries behind the attack and save planet Ekis from impending disasters.


Key Features of Elsie include:

  • Adrenaline-pumping platforming with a unique parry system
  • Procedurally generated runs for endless variety
  • Dozens of weapons, skills, and augments to discover and master
  • Hours of content with daily challenges for added replayability

Elsie is set to launch for PC and consoles in the summer of 2024. Players can download the demo on Steam and wishlist the game to stay updated on its release. Dive into the thrilling world of Elsie and embrace the chaos of this action-packed adventure later this year.

Would you be interested in playing the game when it launches later this summer on PC and consoles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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