APICO Update 4.0: A Hive of Industry Buzzing to PC and Switch Next Week

APICO Update 4

The final update to the beloved bee-keeping simulation game, APICO, is set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch on May 20. Titled Update 4.0: A Hive of Industry, this update promises a host of new features and content to further enhance the immersive experience of APICO. APICO is developed by ellraiser, TNgineers, and published by Whitethorn Games.

Watch the trailer for APICO Update 4.0: A Hive of Industry to get a sneak peek into the thrilling additions awaiting players:

Among the key highlights of Update 4.0 are:

  1. Automation Machines: Introduce automation to your beekeeping operations with new machines like the Auto-sawmill, Auto-centrifuge, and Auto-squeezer. Additionally, eight new automation machines will be available, including Hoppers, Shredders, Loggers, and more, all crafted on the new Crystal Workbench.
  2. Honeycore Crystals: Embark on a quest for Honeycore Crystals using the resonance meter and a new mini-game. These crystals can be melted down to craft various crystal items, expanding your crafting possibilities.
  3. Pets: Choose from a delightful selection of 16 pets, including a tiny dinosaur, to accompany you on your adventures in APICO.
  4. New Seasonal Events: Dive into the festive spirit with new seasonal events like Hivemas and Hallowbeen, offering new decorations, paints, and secret easter egg items to discover.
  5. Additional Content: Enjoy new quests, decor, paints, environmental events, and of course, new bees and pollinators, adding depth and excitement to your gameplay.

The release of Update 4.0 (detailed patch notes here)coincides with the availability of Update 3.0: What Lies Beeneath on Nintendo Switch, offering players a chance to explore underwater bees, new craftable items, and a fishing mini-game.

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APICO, known for its unique blend of resource gathering, biology, and minigames centered around beekeeping, is a captivating journey through the vibrant world of bee-omes. The game encourages players to learn about beekeeping while uncovering secrets and repopulating lost species.

APICO Update 4

Don’t miss out on the buzz! APICO Update 4.0: A Hive of Industry will be available for free on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble Games, itch.io, and Utomik, as well as on Nintendo Switch, starting May 20, 2024.

Would you be interested in playing the upcoming APICO UPdate 4.0 when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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