Reus 2: Shaping Worlds with Godly Titans Now Available on Steam

Reus 2 Steam

Get ready to unleash your divine powers and shape the world to your will as Reus 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved god game, is now available on Steam with a special 10% discount for the first seven days. Developed by Abbey Games, Reus 2 invites players to wield the power of mighty titans, create symbiotic ecosystems, and inspire humanity with their godly creations.

Check out the Release Trailer for Reus 2 below:

For those who already own the original Reus, there’s better news! A Reus & Reus 2 complete-the-set bundle is available with an additional 10% discount, offering the perfect opportunity to experience how the game has evolved over the past 11 years.

One of the most iconic features of Reus returns in Reus 2 with six powerful giants, each with their own unique designs, mechanics, and affinities. These colossal beings are ready to lend their strength to help you shape the world according to your vision:

  • Satari, the Forest Giant: With a name meaning “the one who plants” in Aymara, Satari presides over the Forest Biome, rewarding players for creating a balanced ecosystem.
  • Khiton, the Ocean Giant: Named after the crab’s shell, Khiton dominates the Ocean Biome, encouraging players to explore its depths and uncover its mysteries.
  • Atlas, the Rock Giant: Known for his mighty strength, Atlas oversees the Desert Biome, rewarding players for spacious play and uncovering hidden mineral treasures.
  • Aegir, the Taiga Giant: With a beard made of stalactites, Aegir rules over the Taiga Biome, challenging players to make it dangerous or expansive.
  • Reginald, the Swamp Giant: With a charming frog-like face, Reginald brings diversity to the Rainforest Biome, rewarding players for creating a biodiverse ecosystem.
  • Jangwa, the Savannah Giant: Named after the Swahili word for “desert,” Jangwa presides over the Savannah Biome, rewarding players for creating harmonious ecosystems.

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Reus 2 Steam

Each giant comes with their own set of terraform and biome abilities, allowing players to tailor their worlds to their liking. Additionally, they can upgrade Biotica in their own unique way, adding depth to the gameplay experience. With a limit of three titans per planet, players must strategically combine their powers to create the perfect worlds and fulfill their divine destiny.

Reus 2 is now available on Steam, offering players the chance to unleash their godly powers and shape the world in their image.

Would you be interested in playing Reus 2 on PC via Steam and shaping your very own planets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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