Resident Evil 4 Money Farming Guide – How to Make More Pesetas

Resident Evil 4 Money Farming Guide

Money or Pesetas in Resident Evil 4 is what allows players to buy weapons, ammo, and items. Being a survival game that likes to challenge players in tough situations, players will always be struggling to have enough money where every purchase of a weapon, item, or even the amount of ammo will matter as you progress in the story. But with a few tips, you can have a decent amount of money that can help you and this Resident Evil 4 Money Farming Guide will show you all the ways you can recover some amount of money.

Resident Evil 4 Money Farming Guide

Resident Evil games love to challenge the player by making items and weapons rare and barely enough to freely. Using weapons aimlessly and draining all your ammo on a single target ineffectively is likely going to end your adventure quickly. For your best chance of survival in Resident Evil 4, you will need to stock up on as many Pesatas as you can and use them only on things that you are going to need and rely on.

When you do have enough money, you can not only buy weapons and ammo but also equip your main weapons with upgrades that will make them better in combat and will also be more effective when taking down enemies.

Sell Weapons and Treasure

As you progress in the game, you are likely going to be using a main weapon of your choice that works the best from all the other that will find. If you have the rifle or the shotgun, all other weapons are likely going to be unused, taking up that precious inventory space. What you can do instead is to sell the unused weapons as well as their upgrades, giving you money in return.

Rest assured that you are going to be getting better weapons later in the story, for example, your starting shotgun and the pistol will be replaced by better weapons like the Riot Gun and the Punisher pistol. Both these weapons are of the same type as the starting weapons but are far deadlier.

Besides selling your weapon, you can also sell treasures that you will find in the game. Treasures are obtained via Wayshrines that you can unlock using the Old Wayshrine Key. You can slot gemstones into treasures, increasing their worth as opposed to selling them on their own.

Other Ways to Make Money

While not the best way to get money, Fishing in the game still gives you some money for you to save. Fishing will be available after a few chapters of the game when Leo will be near a lake to gain access to the boat. Here in this location, you can also use harpoons and catch fish with this method.

To make things a little easier, there is a merchant shop near the shore, allowing you to catch fish and sell them for some profit.

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That’s how you can make money in Resident Evil 4 as shown in this Resident Evil 4 Money Farming Guide. Post your comments below.

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