Redfall Rook Storm Guide – How to Survive, How to Beat Rooks

Redfall Rook Storm Guide

Rook Storms are just one of the several challenges in Redfall that players will have to survive and beat the Rooks. These enemies are just as dangerous as Vampire Gods and they come by bringing out a Rook Storm. This Redfall Rook Storm Guide will show you how to survive a Rook Storm and how to beat a Rook.

As you play the missions and beat Vampires, the special meter gets filled up indicating how close it is to bring a Rook Storm attack.

Redfall Rook Storm Guide

When the special meter fills up completely, a Rook Storm will start to begin where the Rook will first hit you and your team with a thunderous AoE attack that will deplete your and your team’s health.

How to Survive a Rook Storm

The best way to fight a Rook is to first prepare yourself with good weapons, and abilities, and to work as a team. Using Legendary Weapons in the gold category ensures that you have enough firepower in your weapons to beat the Rook. Weapons like the Gold Stake Launcher will ensure that you take out the rook with a few shots.

Working as a team will increase the chances of beating the Rook and surviving a Rook Storm. Make sure that you and your teammates have at least purple if not gold tier weapons, and be on the lookout for teammates in a tricky situation or if someone needs to be revived.

Character abilities will come in very handy in a Rook Storm as they will not only increase your chances of being successful but also help the whole team. If you have chosen Devinder, you can teleport using his Translocator to a different position, away from the storm’s reach. Alternatively, you can protect yourself and your team with Layla’s Umbrella Bubble ability that will protect you from oncoming attacks.

How to Beat The Rook

The Rook is a tough enemy to beat, but you can easily win by making sure that you are constantly on the move, avoiding bringing other enemies near the Rook, and fighting inside close spaces to avoid damage from the Rook Storm.

As mentioned before, the best chance of winning the battle against the Rook is by using the gold-tier Stake Launcher, as it is the best weapon of choice to beat him. With good aim, you can get critical hits and take out the Rook in two to three shots.

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That’s how you can survive and beat the Rook as shown in this Redfall Rook Storm Guide. Post your comments below.

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