Red Dead Online Beta Getting Gun Rush in Latest Update

Red Dead Online Beta Gun Rush

Rockstar Games has announced that a new update is coming out for Red Dead Online Beta today and it will introduce a new Battle Royale type Gun Rush mode. The new update will also come with some fixes and changes based on player feedback collected until now.

This update is the first major update for Red Dead Online Beta for 2019 and it introduces a brand new mode Gun Rush to the game. This update is filled with tons of fixes, changes and updates however Gun Rush leads the pack in the latest update.

Gun Rush is a battle royale type mode in which 32 players will play in a single game. They will explore the map and collect as many useful items such as weapons, eatables and armor. During this time, they will also battle with other players for survival and the last surviving player will be the winner.

During this entire time, the playable area will continue to shrink. This mode supports both solo and team battles so players can even jump in the mode with their posse and battle other posses for survival in the Wild West.

Apart from Gun Rush, the new update will also bring with it tons of changes to the game. Some new additions include new daily challenges, upgrades to law and bounty systems of the game and the much needed changes to easily evade and avoid hostile players which are busy in grieving others.

Some radar changes are also included in the new update which will ensure that players are only visible to other players who are closer to them. At this point, Rockstar Games plans to keep Red Dead Online in Beta for some more months as they want more time to make the experience better and add more content to it as well.

We will surely keep you updated when more changes and additions are coming to Red Dead Online Beta so keep checking back here. In the meantime, enjoy the new Gun Rush mode coming in today’s update.


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