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Red Dead Online has recently launched, and it brings the online open world setting for players to experience together. Unlike Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign, the online mode is not as generous in handing you money after completing missions and activities. But this is where we will guide you in making the most money in the easiest and fastest way, which can be enough to get a decent weapon very early in your progression.

However, there is a catch, as this will wreak havoc with Red Dead Online’s story and its continuity, which is why it is up to you if you prefer to proceed in the old fashioned way of completing missions.

Now that you have decided to take this route, lets dive deeper into the details. First things first, you need to complete the tutorial, or at least unlock the ability where you are able to freely roam, which does not take a lot of time to unlock.

Next step is to open your Free Roam menu, and Quick Join and select Story Mission On Call.  These missions seem to cap out players at four at a time, so if there are less than 4 players, more will be added at random.

From there, you will be matched with other players to complete random Red Dead Online story mission. Some of the missions will be further along than you currently are at the beginning of the game, but the later the mission, the higher the rewards you will get. For example, a random mission called “Kill Them, Each and Every One”, which is straightforward mission tasking you to clear out a military base and kill the leader, while rewarding you with $250.

It is worth mentioning, that not all missions will give you a lot, there are several that only net out $30 to $50. Nonetheless, it is still far more than any of the starting activities that you are tasked with.

In addition, you only get the money once per mission, which means you will not get any cash if you decide to repeat the same mission. However, you do get the same amount of experience points if you repeat a mission.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you’re your amount of rewards drop if you die and restart from a checkpoint. This can result in a considerable drop of rewards if you restart from a checkpoint multiple times in the same mission.

In the end, if you complete all the random missions this way, you are very certain to get a total of over $340, which is more than you can ask for, this early in the morning. Now you can go out and buy the best weapon that you can buy with this money. And if you cant decide on that, why not get the bolt-action rifle? After all, it is the best long term weapon that scores perfect pelts from animals like deer, while also getting more meat out of them.

Still need help? Check out our Red Dead Online Beginners Guide.

Will you give this method a try? It might help you get the most so early into the game progression. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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