Rage 2 Weapons Guide – How to Find All Weapons

Rage 2 Weapons Guide

In this Rage 2 Weapons Guide, we will show you all the locations where you can find each weapon in the game. We will also detail what type of weapons there are, how they work, and what is the best way to effectively use them.

While there are not many weapons, Rage 2 offers a variety of really good weapons that you can use against enemies. Rage 2 is not only about using your weapon but using everything you have at your disposal. From gadgets to Nanotrite abilities, the true gaming experience of combat in Rage 2 lies in the various ways you take the fight to the enemy.

Weapons in the game require a little exploration to obtain them. Most of the weapons in the game are locked in Arks that are well guarded by enemies. Our guide will detail where you can find all these Arks that contain these weapons.

Rage 2 Weapons Guide

In total, there are 8 weapons in the game, plus 2 other weapons, BFG 9000 which is special to Limited and Collector’s Edition only, and the Settler Pistol that is exclusive to the Deluxe Edition of Rage 2. We have listed all of the weapons with their details below.

Sidewinder Pistol

This is the starting weapon that is given to you at the beginning of the game. You might be shocked at how powerful this pistol is as it might change your opinion if you think pistols are weak.

The Sidewinder Pistol is a very effective weapon even against tougher enemies in the Wasteland. It deals decent damage and has low recoil. This trusty pistol comes in very handy when you have depleted all your primary ammo.

Ranger Assault Rifle

The Ranger Assault Rifle is a very versatile weapon in the game that works best when paired with the Combat Shotgun. This gun is so good that you can practically end the game with this weapon alone, though we do not recommend you do that or that will ruin the fun of the various other weapons that the game offers.

The story of Ranger Assault Rifle is about a Ranger who fought a giant mutant but died when the Ranger’s head was eaten by the mutant. In one of the opening missions of the game, you get to see one of the last living Rangers fighting the giant mutant. Your character then puts on the Ranger gear and becomes the last true Ranger. This also gives you the Ranger Assault Rifle along with the gear.

Combat Shotgun

In the early stages of the game, you will have access to use Combat Shotgun. This is a very useful weapon in the game, as it is very efficient in taking down the armor of enemies, and leaving them vulnerable with the following shots. With enemies that are without any armor, you can one-shot them by getting a headshot.

The weapon is also great with hip firing as it will spread the bullets and allow you to hit multiple enemies. You can either aim or hip fire, as both capabilities of the Combat Shotgun allow you some variation in dealing damage.

Smart Rocket Launcher

This rocket launcher is called smart for a reason as it comes with two firing modes. The standard firing mode launches a single rocket, which sounds like any other rocket launcher. But its second firing mode shoots off a homing missile that can lock onto multiple enemies. However, it only holds 15 rounds at the start, so its best saved for ideal situations.

To get the Smart Rocket Launcher, you need to go to the Strongbox Ark location. The Ark location has a difficulty level of 4 and is guarded by level 4 enemies, which is easier compared to other Arks. Once you have acquired the weapon, it will now be very effective in taking down bosses, mini-bosses, or group of enemies.

Grav-Dart Launcher

This weapon works like an auto-rifle that shoots needles. These needs dig deep when they hit the enemy, which then allow you to fling them into walls, or exploding barrels, or onto other enemies to knock them down. The weapon works like a gravity gun that is only useful to throw enemies like a rag doll, though it is not so practical in the game in our opinion.

If you still want the Grav-Dart Launcher, you can get from the Needle Falls Ark, which will be in The Wilds area of the map. The difficulty of this Ark location is 7, which means it is guarded by Level 7 enemies.

Firestorm Revolver

This is another unique weapon in the game, that is quite interesting. The revolver shots bullets like any other weapon, but it allows you to turn the bullets into incendiary ammo and they turn into flames. The weapon is quite effective in taking down a large group of enemies that are nearby each other.

In addition, it also has an alternative firing mode which shoots bullets like mines that explode on impact. The revolver is not as good as the Sidewinder Pistol, but the fun factor tied to this weapon will surely want you to use it more often.

This weapon is found in the Dank Catacomb Ark in the Sekreto Wetlands. This Ark is Level 7, which means you will see Level 7 enemies guarding this Ark. This is not an easy Ark to get to and will require you to take out a large number of enemies.


This weapon is basically a railgun and can spray bullets towards multiple enemies with a single round. It also has an alternative firing mode which charges when you aim down sight and fires a much more powerful shot.

This weapon can be obtained from the Greenhaven Ark which is in The Wilds. It is also the most difficulty Ark in the game as it’s difficulty level is 10, which means there is a boss that comes in two stages. The area is also surrounded by Level 10 enemies and will be a tough ask to clear out all the enemies.

When you arrive at this Ark, you will be greeted by mech’s minions and the rival faction that you have to fight against. When you are done, the boss will enter the area and you have to defeat the boss to enter the Greenhaven Ark for the Hyper-Cannon.

Charged Pulse Cannon

This weapon fires charged energy projectiles rapidly towards the enemy. It is another really good weapon just after the Ranger Assault Rifle as it is quite practical works well when paired with the Combat Shotgun.

To get the Charged Pulse Cannon, you have to go to the Shrouded Vault Ark. This is a level 6 Ark, which means it is guarded by Level 6 enemies. However, getting to the Ark is not only about clearing out the enemies and will require you to gain entrance to the Vault.

First, you need to destroy the reactors that are at the Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and the Shrouded Sub Station Bravo. The locations of these reactors will be marked on your map when you visit the Ark for the first time.

Destroying the reactors also requires you to first take down the enemies around and then pull a lever to raise the reactor. You then have to use your Focus on each of the three blue rotating panels to reveal the weak points of the reactor. When the reactors are destroyed, the left door of the Shrouded Vault Ark will open to reveal more enemies inside. Once you have cleared out the Level 6 enemies, you can then collect the Charged Pulse Cannon weapon.

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