Rage 2 Cheats Guide: How to Unlock, Kill Enemies In One Hit, Double Feltrite

Rage 2 Cheats Guide

In this Rage 2 Cheats Guide, we will detail all the cheats in the game, and show you how you can unlock them. In addition, we will also detail what you need to do in order to unlock the cheats in the first place.

Rage 2 offers you a handful of cheat codes to make your gameplay that more interesting. Cheat Codes do not need to be entered but can be activated from the menu once unlocked. To unlock cheats in Rage 2, you require to purchase them from a Wasteland Wizard called Mangoo the Unborn.

Rage 2 Cheats Guide

Below we have detailed how you can unlock the cheats, where you can find Mangoo the Unborn to purchase cheat codes and detail all the cheats codes with their effects in Rage 2.

How to Unlock Cheats in Rage 2

As mentioned before, you need to find Mangoo the Unborn. This Wasteland Wizard is tricky to locate as he often appears randomly and disappears. However, this mutant can be found wandering around in the open world of the game.

Mangoo can be seen traveling around with three balloons and a hut. This way you can identify him if you come across this mutant. Below you can find all the known locations where the Wasteland Wizard can be spotted.

Sekreto Wetlands

There are two locations in the Sekreto Wetlands region where you can spot Mangoo. The first is towards the western border of this region, where there is a large swampy island behind two buildings. This is also near the canner Heat Ranger Echo, and Dweller Mutie Nest. You can find his hut on the northwestern side of the island sitting on a small hill just above the swamp.

Another location in this region is the swamps in the bottom southeast corner of the region, and north of the Squelch Bandit Den. Here you might spot Mangoo in a clearing leading out of the swamp.

Broken Tract

Mangoo can be spotted northwest of Eden Space Center in the southeast corner of the broken tract. Or he can sometimes be seen on the ruins of the overpass bridge along with the main road that leads to the space center.

Alternatively, he can also appear near The Edge Bandit den in the south-central area of this region.

The Wilds

In this region, Mangoo can appear in the eastern side of The Wilds. He will be spotted in a shallow lake island that is just below Abadon Sanctum Ranger Echo.

List of Cheat Codes

All the cheat codes in Rage 2 are listed below with their effects and cost to unlock

He’s On Fire

Voice Actor Tim Kitzrow commentates on your moves. Costs $2,000.

Git Gud

Enemies go down in one hit. Costs $1,000.

Son of Thor

Enemies get electrocuted when they get close. Costs $2,000

Klegg Support

Summons Klegg Clayton as AI companion. This Cheat can be unlocked for free.

Phoenix Rejector Sea

Players get left on the ground as the Phoenix flies into the air. Costs $1,000.

Diamond Geezer

Voice Actor Danny Dyer commentates on your moves. Costs $2,000.

Red Barrel Rain

Drop in a cluster of explosive red barrels in front of you. Costs $2,000.

Super Wingstick

Unleashes a spinning blade that tracks and cuts down enemies on its own. Cheat Code enables unlimited redirects. Costs $1,000.

Progress Booster

Doubles all Feltrite collected for 4 hours. Costs $500.

Super Overdrive

Boosts the power of your Overdrive ability. Costs $1,000.

Super Phoenix

Phoenix power gets boosted. Costs $1,000.

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