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Sony managed to squeeze the little detail of allowing players to change their PSN name in their latest refund policy update of PS Store. In the release, Sony has mentioned that PSN Name change feature will indeed arrive this year, however, a confirmed date is not known at this point. Sony is indeed working to bring the feature and it might be sooner than we expect it to be.

The recent press release by Sony was all about how it is planning to change how PSN handles refunds which included pre-orders and normal game purchases. In all this information, one specific line detailed about PSN Name changes and that it will cost players a certain amount to change their titles and this certain feature will lack the refund feature.

Sony has been awfully quiet about the PSN name change feature after the initial announcement that it is planning to add this feature to its service until now. Bringing it up with the Refund Policy notice is a big thing and if Sony is adding it in in press releases now it means that Sony is indeed bringing it sooner or later.

The first name change will be free for all PSN users however after the first change, every change is going to cost players a fee of $9.99 which is not refundable so if someone manages to set a PSN name that they don’t like a second time, they will be required to stick with it or change it by paying a $9.99 fee for it.

Sony had initially revealed that the feature will arrive in early 2019 however nothing solid has come out of Sony until now and it is April. Sony might delay this feature a little longer, however, the plan is still for 2019. Sony might release the feature without even prior announcements of a release date so we cannot really tell at this point.

Sony had started beta testing of the feature a few months ago and invites were sent out to different people to test out the feature. The beta, however, came with a long list of disclaimers which made the fans angry and they claimed that this was not what they had in mind when they thought about PSN name changes. The name change disclaimer stated that players might lose their in-game progress, purchases or trophy information.

Are you looking forward to changing your PSN name when the feature finally rolls out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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