PS4 Introduces Cloud Remote, Get 30 Day Vue Core Plan For Free

Cloud Remote

PlayStation with PDP releases Cloud Remote for an easy access and interface of media and streaming apps on PlayStation 4. The Cloud Remote will officially be licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Cloud remote will be available on September 18, 2018. The device will cost $30 MSRP.  For pre-order, check out official PDP website. The remote will also be available at Gamestop and Amazon store.

The key feature of Cloud Remote is its design, users will be on thumb away from every essential button. The remote will offer everything one needs while watching media or streaming content on PlayStation 4.

Few key features and control buttons of Cloud Remote are listed below:

  • Connects to your PlayStation 4 system via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with TV volume buttons, power and input button
  • Comes with Share, pause, play, forward and reverse buttons
  • Features PS Home button on top for a quick navigation to PS4 dashboard

Additionally, all those who will pre-order the Cloud Remote will get a 30 days trial of PlayStation Vue core plan. The plan alone costs $50 for a month and it will be bundled for free with device. For now, the offer is exclusive for purchases at Amazon and Gamestop only.

Cloud Remote Cloud Remote Cloud Remote

In another news, DualShock 4 is to come in four new colors. The colors will join the roster in September.

The four colors will be available for pre-order initially in US and Canada only. Controllers will be priced at $64 MSRP in US and $74.99 MSRP in Canada. The pre-orders will be available till supplies last. No further word on another batch if supplies run out. The pre-orders will be soon available at official PlayStation Store.

Berry Blue, Sunset Orange, Blue Camo and Copper will be the new colors to join the existing color library of dualshock 4. Copper color dualshock 4 will be available at GameStop USA, while others at select retailers. Feast your eyes below on beautiful and vibrant upcoming PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller colors.

Check out the beautiful and vibrant controller images here.




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