Predator: Hunting Grounds – Best Predator Builds Guide

Predator: Hunting Grounds Best Predator Builds

Predator: Hunting Grounds allows you to play both as the deadly Predator or the Fireteam and it also allows you to customize them both in order to have your perfect build. There are a large number of weapons, gear, and perks that you can play around to have yourself the perfect build. We have curated this Best Predator Builds Guide for Predator: Hunting Grounds in which we have shared some of the best builds if you prefer playing with the Predator in the game.

Best Predator Builds Guide – Predator: Hunting Grounds

Since Predator comes with three classes Hunter, Scout, and Berserker to choose from, we will be using them as a base and then modify them to make further specialized builds. Check them out below.

Hunter – All-Rounder Build

If you like to have an overall balanced experience, Hunter is your class to build on. Hunter features balanced stats in Health, Stamina, Movement Speed, and Gear. If you do not prefer a specific trait to be better or just generally want to have a class that can perform better in all aspects of the combat, you can go for the Hunter class. It is also the first class that is available to you right from the start of the game so you will be playing with this class for quite some time. After selecting the class, we can move forward for our All-Rounder Build. Check out the weapons, gear, and perks below for this build.


Since we are aiming for an all-rounder build, we will need to have both ranged and melee weapons on our side. This way, you can tackle enemies both when they are in close quarters or a little far from you. The weapons for this build should be:

  • Primary Weapon: Elder Sword
  • Secondary Weapon: Yaujta Bow

The Elder Sword is your very first Predator weapon which is unlocked at Level 9. You will need to play the game a little before you can get access to the Yaujta Bow which unlocks at Level 38. However, once you have access to both of these weapons, you can equip them both for this build. Elder Sword is a solid melee weapon and will easily chop through enemies at close range. If you fancy a little ranged combat, the Yaujta Bow will have that aspect covered for you. It is silent and it is deadly.


For the gear, we have 10 weight limit so we will be going for Healing Kit and the Bear Trap. Both of these items have 5 weight each so equipping them will occupy all of the weight limit. The Healing Kit is a great item that can quickly heal you while the Bear Trap can trap enemies so that you can chop them off with your Elder Sword.


Now the perks can be changed according to your own taste as well however for me, my balanced build should be able to deal a little extra damage while being able to absorb a little extra damage as well. For Perks, we have 12 Points so we will have the following Perks for this build.

  • Fearless – 4 Points
  • Impenetrable – 3 Points
  • Trapper – 3 Points

So with these perks, we deal increased damage, we take less damage and we also make sure that the pesky Fireteam does not escape from our traps easily. Fearless allows us to deal extra damage with melee weapons while Impenetrable ensures that we take less damage from bullets. Since Fireteams use bullet-based weapons, this is a must-have perk for most Predator builds. Lastly, Trapper toughens ups the traps which then ensures that those caught in the trap do not escape easily.

Scout – Shadow Build

Scout is the class if you want a more agile and easy to escape Predator. This class has less health as compared to other classes but it has exceptionally high stamina and movement speed. It also lacks a bit in the Gear department. You will remain mostly in shadows, strike from a distance and if you get in close, you will attack and then run away quickly into the shadows. The weapons, gear, and perks you must equip for this build are detailed below.


For our Shadow build, we will want to go for ranged weapons. If you need to get up close, we already have our claw which can take out enemies at close range. The weapons of your choice for this build are:

  • Primary Weapon: Yautja Bow
  • Secondary Weapon: Hand Held Plasma Caster

Since this build is all about ranged combat, we will go with the trusty Yautja Bow and the Hand Held Plasma Caster. Both of these weapons offer great ranged combat opportunities but the bow simply takes the lead here which is why it will be your primary weapon. Both of the weapons will take a little time to unlock but you can use them for your build once you have unlocked them.


For this build, we would want something that will aid us in our stealth operations. The two devices best for stealth operations in the game are Audio Decoy and Motion Detector. Both combined will use just 5 weight. Audio Decoy is excellent for distracting enemies away from you and other key locations. You can also use it to separate units from the team and take them down silently. On the other hand, The Motion Detector is excellent for setting up surveillance traps. Want something to inform you if something is coming up behind you? Drop a Motion Detector and it will not only inform you of incoming threats but also mark them for you.


Similar to Gear, for this build, we will be using Perks that boost our movement and stealthy aspects. Our choice of Perks for this build are:

  • Branch Master – 1 Point
  • Light Bender – 2 Points
  • Height Advantage – 1 Point

As you can see, we’ve gone full commando with our Perks. Branch Master allows even faster movement among the trees while if someone spots you in the trees and shoots you, Height Advantage will ensure that you receive half the damage while you remain in the trees. On the other hand, while you are sneaking around, Light Bender will ensure that Cloak uses less of your precious energy so that you can move around cloaked for longer.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Best Predator Builds

Berserker – Overlord Build

Berserker is the strongest yet the slowest class when it comes to the Predator. It can soak up quite a lot of damage and deal high amounts of damage as well. This class, however, suffers from low stamina and movement speed. But its sheer brute force simply makes up for the slow speed. Check out the weapons, perks, and gear we will use for our Overlord build.


Since we want to deal a massive amount of damage to our enemies with this build, we will be using:

  • Primary Weapon: War Club
  • Secondary Weapon: Combistick

Both War Club and Combistick are melee weapon kings and they work perfectly with the Berserker class. Since Berserker hits really hard in melee combat, both of these powerful weapons become even more deadly in its hands. Just holding these weapons in your hands and showing up in the face of your enemy is enough to make them wet their pants. The increased strength of Berserker greatly compliments the damage output with melee weapons.


Coming to the gear, for our Berserker class, we will ensure that we can get as many opportunities to get up close and personal with the enemies so we can pulverize them with our melee weapons. For this, we will go for the Bear Trap and the Audio Decoy. The Bear Trap can hold enemies and trap them giving us plenty of time to land some powerful melee attacks on them. Since we will be spending more time on the ground with this class, we will also need some way of distracting members of Fireteam away from each other. This is where the Audio Decoy will come in handy as it will distract members away from the rest of the team giving us a chance to take them down.


Since this class is slow but deadly, our perks will try to compliment both of these elements. Perks of our choice are:

  • Adrenal Boost – 3 Points
  • Trapper – 3 Points
  • Fearless – 4 Points

All of these three perks are unique and provide different bonuses. Adrenal Boost will ensure that we regenerate stamina quickly and also recover from exhaustion quickly since movement speed and stamina are two weak points for this class. Since we will be relying on Bear Traps to trap enemies and beat them to a pulp, having the Trapper perk will greatly help us to ensure that trapped enemies remain in traps for longer giving us more time to beat them with our melee weapons. Finally, Fearless will allow us to deal even more damage with our melee weapons ensuring that enemies do not stand for long in the path of our melee strikes.

For more help with Predator: Hunting Grounds, check out the guides below.

These are all our Predator Best Builds in Predator: Hunting Grounds. If you want to share your own perfect build with us, feel free to use the comments section below.

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