Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Early Access Release Date Announced

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Early Access Release

Aesir Interactive and astragon Entertainment have announced that their upcoming project Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is ready to release as an early-access game on Steam. The early access release date for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is June 17, 2021, and once the game is out in the open, the developer will continue further development on the project by collecting fan feedback and making appropriate adjustments to the game.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers started its life as a project funded by a game grant from the German funding body FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and is being developed on Unreal Engine 4. There will be multiple update phases for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers as it stays in Early Access. At launch, the game will feature only the single-player mode of the game along with 8 different characters to choose from. As development progresses, before the full launch, the developer aims at adding a co-op multiplayer mode to the game as well.

The starting 8 characters will include both male and female character options. The first city district will be available to all players at the start. The game is set in the fictional US city of Brighton and players begin their adventure in the neighborhood of North Point. You will be required to collect shift points and duty stars by completing your first shifts and patrols. Collecting more points and stars will eventually unlock more neighborhoods for you down the road.

Along with getting access to new areas, you will also get access to new tasks and equipment as initially you will go out on foot to look for parking offenders, speeders, and suspicious people however your scope of work will gradually increase to getting your very own patrol car as well for much more advanced tasks and duties. You will have complete freedom in the game to decide how you want to approach each emergency in the game. However, you must follow the rules of law as police misconduct and police violence in the game will strip you of your stars and points.

The developer has released four brand-new videos detailing different aspects of the gameplay of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers that we have detailed below for you.

The developer detailed that they have tried their best to have the most realistic virtual police officer experience in the game which is why special attention has been given to various mechanics in the game. In the coming months, the game’s world will be further expanded with regular updates and will receive even more depth through different additions.

Some of the planned additions include new districts, tasks, equipment, and vehicles along with co-op multiplayer as well. All of these additions will go alongside player feedback who decide to take part in the early access campaign of the game.

Interested players will be able to share their feedback and exchange ideas with developers through various platforms such as the developer’s official Discord channel, the game’s Steam page, and also the official social media accounts of the game. The developer has also provided a link to the game’s roadmap where all future additions coming to the game will be listed and chosen from fan feedback collected through various sources.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers has been currently only announced for PC via Steam and the early access release is planned for later this month on June 17, 2021. The game will set you back $24.99.


Are you looking forward to jumping in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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