Pokémon GO Crosses $2 Billion in Revenue Since Launch in July 2016

Pokémon GO

Players of Pokémon GO have now spent a massive number of 2 Billion Dollars through the in-app purchases since the launch of the game in July 2016 for mobile, according to Apptopia. The game never went lower than #65 spot in overall grossing spot in the U.S. App Store. However, it is not the fastest games to reach this number but not many games hit this mark.

Apptopia also explained how the mobile version got to this milestone over the course of two years since its launch. It took Pokémon Go 302 days to hit $1 billion, and 811 days to hit the mark of $2 Billion. The fastest game to reach the 2bill mark was Clash of Clans which took 768 days, while Candy Crush was third after Pokémon Go, reaching the amount in 1509 days.

Pokémon GO

When talking about in-app purchases, players in Japan spent the most on Pokémon Go, providing 33.5% of revenue to the game. While United States is the country where the game is downloaded the most from the store and Brazil is second after the US.

Pokémon GO

People are still playing the game and spending more on Pokémon Go, as it was reported in August to be the third highest grossing game in the US. Previously in June of this year, the game reached its highest active player count since launch.

The numbers are just starting as Niantic plans plenty of promotions, updates and live events for Pokémon GO. The game is still very popular among the community of Pokémon lovers for its unique gameplay of requiring players to physical travel to places in search of new Pokémons. The more players travel, the more they get the opportunity to catch a rare Pokémon.

(Source: Blog.Apptopia)

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