PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Online Servers are Shutting Down in October

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Sony has announced that they are shutting down the servers of their fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at the end of October. The game, which was made to tackle Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, followed the same Nintendo formula but failed to capture the same amount of attention when it was launched.

Now that the game’s online servers are shutting down, it means that players will not be able to play the game online anymore however; local multiplayer and single player will still be available to all players who own the game.

The game was launched back in 2012 to mixed reception on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms. It was a decent title with roster filled with characters spanning over a wide range of Sony’s exclusive and different third-party franchises as well. Some of the noticeable characters included Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Sly Cooper from Sly Cooper franchise, Isaac from Dead Space and Kratos from God of War.

The game featured many different modes in which they could fight four other players on different cool locations from Sony’s own franchises or third party games. The game looked good, had a decent roster and the gameplay was good as well, however it failed to capture much attention despite receiving many DLC characters as well such as Zeus from God of War.

It came with cross-platform gameplay as well as Cross-Buy feature, which meant that players were able to play online regardless of the platform, and once purchased, the game was available on both PS3 and PS Vita systems. It was even given to players as a free PS Plus title in August 2014 but all attempts to make the game a success were not really successful and a second game in the franchise was never considered.

Sony is finally shutting down the online servers of the game and players will no longer be able to play online or cross-play with their friends after October 25.

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