Numskull Designs Adds New Dinosaur TUBBZ to its Jurassic Park Range

Numskull Jurassic Park TUBBZ

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park, Numskull Designs is adding three brand-new TUBBZ to its Jurassic Park range. The three new Jurassic Park TUBBZ are now joining the already impressive lineup of Numskull’s Jurassic Park merch. With the release of the three new TUBBZ, you can now add 9 Jurassic Park TUBBZ to your collection. The latest ones to arrive include two dinosaur TUBBZ, Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus, and a human TUBBZ, Robert Muldoon. Check out the new range in the trailer below before we jump into additional details:

Similar to all the other TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks, the three new collections are highly detailed as well as they add the iconic looks of the characters they represent. Robert Muldoon is wearing his signature hat, along with his Ingen Employee Card and a brown vest over his white shirt. The two dinos are obviously ducks inside Dinosaur costumes as the Velociraptor has its claws ready to attack in the signature Velociraptor style from the movies and the Dilophosaurus looks like it is ready to pounce on anything that comes in its way with its venomous spit attack.

These three are joining the other Jurassic TUBBZ including the Giant T-Rex (150% bigger than other TUBBZ), John Hammond, Dennis Nedry, Ian Malcolm, Dr. Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler. You now have enough characters to make your very own dino movie however you want. Apart from TUBBZ, Numskull has other merch available as well for catering to the dino fan in you including:

  • CosCups – raise your cup to 30 years of Jurassic Park. We all use a cup every day of the week so true fans should use a Jurassic Park CosCup! They’re so much fun with two characters and there’s no mistaking Dr. Ian Malcom and Dennis Nedry. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, these are super fun, ceramic cups with the character’s head at the top and costume detail on a silicone sleeve.
  • 3D molded lamp: featuring the iconic Jurassic Park logo. Fits easily onto the wall or pops onto a desk or side table.
  • Sunglasses – channel your inner Ian Malcolm in these super cool shades featuring the iconic logo.
  • Nintendo Switch Case: with a bone design and Jurassic Park logo – keep all your gaming bits safe.
  • LED Cable & Thumb Grips: light flows through this tangle-resistant 1.5-metre cable when charging with the Jurassic Park logo on USB.

Numskull Jurassic Park TUBBZ

Previous TUBBZ releases by Numskull Designs include TMNT and Star Trek additions along with Metal Gear Solid, Power Rangers, Dungeons & Dragons, and Giant Stay Puft Range. Earlier this year, we saw the release of the new Cupid TUBBZ, and last year, Numskull celebrated the Three Year Anniversary of the brand. If you are interested in adding the new Jurassic Park merch to your collection, you can check out the official website for everything that is currently available. Numskull has also launched brand-new TUBBZ from franchises Trolls, God of War Ragnarok along with another addition to Star Trek.


What are your thoughts on the new Jurassic Park TUBBZ by Numskull Designs and will you be adding them to your collection? Let us know in the comments section below.

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