New War Hospital Cinematic Trailer Showcases the Harsh Realities of War

War Hospital 2024

NACON and Brave Lamb studio have released the latest cinematic trailer of their upcoming survival, strategy title War Hospital. The latest cinematic trailer for War Hospital features Major Henry Wells who is facing the moral dilemmas that come with his role and indirectly, the dilemmas that you will be facing in the game as well when it launches on PC and consoles in Q4 2022.

Check out the new cinematic trailer for War Hospital below:

Every choice in War Hospital is fateful in War Hospital and you will get to confront the harsh reality of war. The game puts you in charge of running a field hospital in the Great War where you must choose the best way to treat soldiers’ war wounds by managing the means at your disposal.

Most of these decisions will have immediate consequences for the injured and you will see that the terrible events happening in the trenches are not always predictable. Along with treating the injured, your tasks also include making sure that the star morale stays high, enough resources are available, and even changing the course of history with your actions and choices.

The game faithfully reproduces the environment of the front and trenches and features authentic medical equipment at the time. This was possible because of the support of the British Imperial War Museums who worked closely with the developers. War Hospital was announced back in 2021 and later the developer announced their partnership with the Imperial War Museums.

War Hospital is slated to release on PC and consoles in Q4 2022. If you are planning to get it on PC, you can head over to Steam right now and add the game to your wishlist.


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