New Trailer for Anthem Shows Main Villain, Story and World


BioWare has shared a new trailer for their upcoming game Anthem, which featured Anthem’s World, the story and the main villain. The trailer was shown at the The Game Awards 2018 that has just concluded in Los Angeles.

The first story trailer that EA and BioWare have shared gave us a lot of insight for the story that Anthem will feature in the final product when it launches next year. The trailer was short, however, it gave out important narrative details and shed light on the NPCs that you will interact in the game.

Take a look at the story trailer shown at The Game Awards 2018:

The most important thing we got out of the trailer was the main antagonist who was shown in the footage. In the, story, we will get to meet The Monitor who is the leader of the very militaristic Dominion enemy. The Monitor believes in the path of chaos and believes that destruction is the best path of all.

The story so far that Anthem will be based on is that it takes place on a distant planet unlike Earth, where an unknowable force of creation and destruction has taken over this world. This force can wreak havoc on the lives of the residents of this world. Their destruction can cause cataclysmic events that can tear the world and the fabric of reality apart.


Long ago, the gods of the world abandoned their creation (midway through creating it, mind you) and left behind their tools — here called artifacts. Over the years, humans have learned to wield the artifacts’ power and turn it into, among other things, weapons and other tools for survival. The main weapons in the game are mech-inspired exosuits called “javelins,” which give the user a choice of four different classes of abilities.

At some point, which is where players will begin their story in Anthem, the past events have caused a group of rogue adventurers and heroes to come together, and form together an organization of warriors and fighters to protect eh hubs of human populations.

The game despite having its similarities with Destiny than Dragon Age, will still strive to have a story and player choice within it. While these choices will only be visible to players that make their own world with, the game will still aim to keep the dialogue focused to gameplay.

Anthem will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 22 February, 2019. However, a closed alpha will be available to select players later this weekend. Post your comments below.

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