New California, A Huge Fallout Mode, Releases After 7 Years

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After nearly 7 years of development, one of the biggest Fallout mods, called New California has been released to the public as a playable beta. It is available to all players who want to try out the mod in its beta form.

Check out the trailer of the mod below.

The mod was initially named Fallout: Project Brazil but then later it was changed to Fallout New California. This huge mod took nearly 7 years in development as it was initially announced in 2012. The developers of the mod call the mod as the unofficial prequel to Fallout: New Vegas.

The mod is set between the events of Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas. It adds a whole new map to the game complete with a storyline, voice acting and narrative story telling. The game takes place in the Black Bear Mountain National Forest which is located in California.

According to the developers, in Fallout: New California, you will be laying as a kid who has been residing in Vault 18 and is an Orphan and a Loner and also happens to be a Mutant at the same time. His one decision is going to decide the future of the vault, his own life and the New California Republic.

Radian-Helix Media explains on their official page that

In Fallout: New California you play as the kid from Vault 18. Orphan. Loner. Mutant. On the last big night of the Vault Ball season in 2260, you make a fateful decision that will change the course of your life—and eventually the future of the New California Republic.

Vault 18 is located in the high mountains of San Bernardino Mountains which has been unknown to the surrounding war for a long time. However, as times change the new generation of Vault leaders now want to go out and explore the world as an Enclave Threat starts to endanger their survival both from outside and the inside.

You can check out the official download page of the mod on Nexus Mods for instructions on how to download and install the mod if you want to try it out yourself.

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