Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten Guide – How to Beat, Attacks, Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten Guide will show you how you can beat this new monster in the game which has been brought into Monster Hunter Rise. Based on the mythical Japanese creature Tengu, you can find this monster roaming around in the Flooded Forest location of the game.

Bishaten is relatively an easy monster to beat in the game, as compared to other bigger and powerful monsters in the game. However, if you are underprepared in the fight without a good strategy, you will most like fail in the battle.

Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Bishaten in the game.

How to Beat Bishaten

The Bishaten will always be on the move, especially after you get a few hits on it. This monster likes to keep its distance for its ranged attack where it throws poisonous or explosive fruits at you and only comes at you with a long spinning attack. The spinning attack is pretty easy to miss and is pretty long as it whizzes past you, but it creates more distance between the two of you rather than getting it close to counter with attacks.

Your strategy is should always be getting close enough to deal with combo attacks. Heavy attacks in the combo will be enough to deal significant damage to the Bishaten, but the monster will do all in its power to clear you away. With its fruit projectile attack, you can dodge or move away in either direction if you want, as the fruit always lands in your last position before the animation begins.

Over time and with enough damage dealt, the monster will either stagger and fall on the ground, allowing you to go for multiple hits, and then flee. Follow up to this monster and if you get the option to Wyvern Ride it, you can do so and manipulate it to smash on walls. This is also another way you can deal damage to this monster. In this second phase of the battle, the Bishaten will stand on its tail and slap you with its wings if you get too close. This attack is pretty quick especially when you are looking to close in for your own attacking hits.

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