Monster Hunter Rise Almudron Guide – How to Beat, Weaknesses, Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Almudron Guide will show you how to beat a new monster in the game called Almudron. This monster is very defensive in its territory and has tricks to keep itself away from harm’s way. Not to mention, the monster is quite intimidating and can disappear underground and come back out to attack you.

This monster also uses mud to its advantage where it will use it to defend its body, and also use it against you by sending a wave of mud that deals damage if you are caught in it.

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron Guide

Below we have detailed how you can beat Almudron in the game.

How to Beat Almudron

Almudron can be found in the Sandy Plains area, where you will find this monster to be very territorial and defensive. It has a few powerful attacks, but will also rely on using mud to its advantage. While the monster primarily relies on mud attacks, its basic attacks include its forward pounce, which is one of the attacks it will introduce itself with once you get too close.

Almudron also has the tail whip which it uses with its long body. This is another powerful attack that will knock you down for a bit. This also means that you will have to prepare for this battle with a lot of healing items beforehand.

Over time, the monster will use mud attacks to either send a wave of mud in front of it and towards you. This attack is quite tricky to evade if you get caught in it. But the monster focuses more on its tail attack and relocating once you deal a good chunk of damage to it.

Almudron loves to relocate from one place to the other. While it can jump away from you if you get a few good hits, it can also dive under the mud and appear out in a random location. It also uses mud to raise small towers to create hurdles between the two of you. This attack is more defensive to the monster and more of a nuisance to the player as it forces you to find another opening. You can, however, climb the towers for a leaping attack on the Almudron if you want.

Moving on to the weak point of this monster, and though you can leap to the monster’s sides for a few hits, the weakest point of the Almudron is the head, which can take a good amount of damage if you sneak in a few successful hits.


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