Mini Vault Boy TUBBZ Makes a Splash As Fallout Fever Sweeps the Duck Pond

Mini Vault Boy TUBBZ

As April unfolds, Fallout enthusiasts find themselves immersed in a whirlwind of excitement. The long-awaited Fallout TV series is now live on Amazon Prime, and today brings another reason for celebration as Numskull Designs unveils their latest creation: the Vault Boy Mini TUBBZ.

Vault Boy, the beloved and iconic mascot of the Fallout series, undergoes a charming transformation as he dons the guise of a miniature rubber duck. Despite his diminutive size, standing at a mere two inches tall, Vault Boy’s signature wink and thumbs-up pose remains unmistakable, capturing the essence of his adventurous spirit even in duck form.

The Mini TUBBZ range adds a delightful twist to the world of collectibles, offering fans and collectors a unique opportunity to bring their favorite Fallout character to life in a whimsical and compact form. This officially licensed mini-collectible complements the existing lineup of Fallout TUBBZ, creating a diverse and playful array of post-apocalyptic cosplaying ducks.

Originally introduced in 2021, the Fallout TUBBZ collection quickly captured the hearts of fans with its roster of characters including Vault Boy, Vault Girl, Nuka Cola Girl, T-51, and T-51 Nuka Cola. The popularity of these figures soared, leading to a sold-out status within a year of their initial release.

Recognizing the continued demand and enthusiasm from the Fallout community, Numskull Designs unveiled the Boxed Edition TUBBZ range in December 2023. This special edition offered fans a second chance to acquire these coveted collectibles, presented in themed collector’s boxes that reflected the essence of the Fallout universe. The Boxed Editions maintained the same level of quality and attention to detail that made the original releases a hit among collectors.

Key features of the Mini Vault Boy TUBBZ and the broader Fallout TUBBZ collection include:

  • Officially licensed Bethesda merchandise
  • Meticulously designed and crafted by Numskull Designs
  • Mini TUBBZ – beloved characters reimagined as cosplaying rubber ducks
  • A roster of five Fallout characters to collect
  • Premium quality collectibles made from high-grade PVC
  • Approximately 3.54 inches (9cm) tall, making them compact yet detailed additions to any collection

With the Mini Vault Boy TUBBZ making a splash in the Fallout fandom, collectors and fans alike can look forward to adding a dash of whimsy and post-apocalyptic charm to their shelves. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the Fallout fever and embark on a quirky adventure with Vault Boy in duck form!

Previous releases by Numskull Designs in its TUBBZ range include the likes of Stanley Kubrick-inspired TUBBZ, TUBBZ Plushies, Standard T-Rex TUBBZ, Metal Range, and new additions to its Trolls, God of War Ragnarok and Star Trek range.

Will you be adding the new mini Vault Boy TUBBZ to your Fallout collection? Let us know in the comments section below.

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