Numskull Reveals Stanley Kubrick-Inspired TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks

TUBBZ Stanley Kubrick

Numskull, the renowned purveyor of quirky collectibles, has unveiled an exciting new lineup of TUBBZ cosplaying figures, paying homage to the iconic characters from the world of Stanley Kubrick’s cult movies. These meticulously crafted collectibles are a must-have for fans of both TUBBZ and Kubrick’s legendary films, spanning genres such as horror, sci-fi, and dystopia. The new Stanley Kubrick TUBBZ further adds to Numskull’s ever-growing library of cosplaying ducks.

From classics like “A Clockwork Orange,” “The Shining,” “Full Metal Jacket,” to the groundbreaking “2001: A Space Odyssey,” each TUBBZ figure captures the essence of its respective character with impeccable detail. Fans will delight in recognizing the familiar facial features, costumes, and accessories faithfully recreated in rubber duck form.

Check them out in action in the new trailer below:

In “The Shining,” the manic energy of Jack Torrance is vividly portrayed as he bursts through the door brandishing an axe, his hair disheveled in a frenzied state. Meanwhile, “A Clockwork Orange” introduces the enigmatic Alex De Large, complete with his iconic bowler hat and unmistakable eyelashes.

In a nod to the cosmic odyssey of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Dr. David Bowman is transformed into an astronaut rubber duck, clad in his orange spacesuit and chest box. Finally, “Full Metal Jacket” brings Sergeant J.T. Davis to life as a cosplaying duck, armed with his rifle and donning his signature M1 helmet.

These four Stanley Kubrick-inspired TUBBZ figures are designated as “First Editions,” making them highly sought-after collectibles. Packaged in a bathtub display featuring the movie logo, each figure is stamped with the “First Edition” mark and includes a sticker on the packaging, ensuring their exclusivity.

For fans and collectors alike, these TUBBZ cosplaying collectibles offer a unique and whimsical tribute to the cinematic legacy of Stanley Kubrick. Don’t miss your chance to own these iconic characters in rubber duck form before they disappear into the annals of film history.

Previously, Numskull Designs released three new TUBBZ Plushies, a new TUBBZ range including a standard T-Rex, and a new TUBBZ in its Metal range.


What do you think of the new Stanley Kubrick TUBBZ, and will you be adding them to your collection? Let us know in the comments section below.

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