Numskull Designs Launches Three New TUBBZ Plushies, Extends Plushie Range to Ten

Following in the footsteps of their latest range, Numskull Designs has now released three brand-new TUBBZ plushies which now extends their range to ten plushies. These new TUBBZ plushies are replicas of TUBBZ rubber duck collectibles which are in turn replicas of pop culture legends across a diverse range of franchises. The latest three TUBBZ Plushies are from three different franchises extending over video games and movies. The latest three TUBBZ Plushies are Tofu from Resident Evil, Chucky, and Minions.

Check out the feature video to see all three TUBBZ Plushies in action below before we jump into their additional details:

Starting with the very first one, we have Tofu from Resident Evil. While this may not be a prominent figure that comes to mind when you think about Resident Evil however in the TUBBZ universe, Tofu has been part of the Resident Evil franchise for a long time. It was first released as a TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck and now we have TUBBZ Plushie as well. The plushie has a knife in its hand and stars hat on its head.


Next, we have Bob from Minions who is a typical Minion with a yellow color, goggles, and a blue dress. Coupled with the standard and mini-sized rubber duck TUBBZ, the new plushie creates a Bob Trio in Numskull’s collection. You can pick whatever version you fancy or get all three if you are a big Bob fan. Finally, we have Chucky who is an iconic character in the horror movie category. The new plushie brings back the weird face complete with tiny details to the last bit. If you are a horror fan, you can consider adding the latest Chucky plushie to your collection.

Previously, Numskull Designs released seven plushies to kickstart their TUBBZ Plushies range including:

  • Santa
  • Jurassic Park: T-Rex
  • Destiny: Eris Morn, Cayde-6, and Zavala
  • Jaws: Bruce the Shark
  • Transformers: Optimus Prime

Numskull Designs Plushies

Pre-orders for the new plushies are now live on the official website where you can check out the previously launched plushies as well as other products for your collection. The TUBBZ Plushies are based on the original TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks which have been growing in popularity and range immensely since they were released. Some of the latest releases include standard T-Rex, Metal Range, Trolls, God of War Ragnarok, Star Trek, Jurassic Park TUBBZ, TMNT and even more Star Trek TUBBZ.

What are your thoughts on the new TUBBZ Plushies range, and which one will you be getting to add to your collection of plushies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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