Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Guide – All Side Missions, Rewards

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Guide

In this Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Guide, we will guide you on how to unlock and complete all side missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Manhattan is full of extra things for you to find and explore and one of these are side missions which can be unlocked by reaching certain points in the main story or by completing other tasks in the game.

We have curated this Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Guide in which we have detailed a detailed walkthrough for all side missions and how you can unlock them in the game. We have also detailed their starting locations and how much XP will be rewarded upon their completion so you can easily know all information about all side missions in the game.

Side Missions Guide – Marvel’s Spider-Man

Our Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Guide details everything that you need to know about side missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The System is Down

The System is Down can be started in the Financial District after you have completed Keeping the Peace main mission. Find the worker at the top of the Police Department building who will need your help to start this side mission.

He will ask you to find out who is jamming the signals in the Financial District. For this mission, your map will not work and your only source of guidance will be the radar pings coming from three different jammers.

You can easily view the first jammer’s signals coming in the distance. Follow them and reach the first jammer. Defeat Fisk’s thugs and then break down the jammer. You will need to use the same technique for the other two jammers in the district as well. Once all three jammers are destroyed and all thugs are defeated, head back to the worker.

The worker will further inform you about some sort of activity going on at the docks. Head to the location marked on the map and you will find some Fisk trucks and thugs swarming all over the docks. Eliminate all the thugs and make your way to the helicopter. Inspect the guns there to spawn a final wave of the enemies. Defeat them all and you will complete the side mission. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

Storming The Castle

This side mission is unlocked once you have completed the Keeping the Peace main mission. Head to the Upper East Side district where you will find a woman who has spotted some thugs taking over the Belvedere Castle located in Central Park.

Head to the castle and inspect the area by climbing at the highest spire. Take down enemies in the castle and check their laptop for their main purpose of coming to the castle. When you take out the USB, a pigeon will snatch it from you.

At this point, Stephanie will help you out in pointing its direction. Now you will need to chase the pigeon down and grab it to get the USB device back. Get the USB back and return to the laptop to check it out. There you will need Stephanie’s help again to find out the remaining thugs uploading the virus.

You will need to take out three groups of thugs in different location trying to hack the server within three minutes. Once they are defeating, they will try to attack Stephanie. Get back to her, defeat all attacking thugs and the side mission will be complete. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

Spider-Man P.I.

This side mission will unlock once you have completed the ‘A shocking Comeback’ main mission. Head to Greenwich to start this mission. Find the quest giving woman who will inform you that her husband has been involved with some strange people.

Head to the location marked on the map which turns out to be Detox Center. Take a picture of the blue-haired woman who is talking with the man. After that, wait for the woman to get in a cab and then follow the cab. The cab will enter a tunnel eventually, so you will need to crawl on the roof of the tunnel to get the picture of the man talking with the woman.

Now you need to follow this man. He will enter a Subway and Spider-Man will hack the subway system to check the location of the train. Start following the train to its destination. When he gets off, follow him again and when he enters the building. Climb to its wall and reach the same level as the man. Take a picture of the TV screen and the whiteboard.

They will eventually get in cars so you will need to stop them now. Stop both the cars by taking out the thugs and contact Carmen. This will conclude the side mission. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.


You will unlock this side quest after completing the ‘The Mask’ main mission. To start the mission, head to the shop keeper in Harlem who will start thanking you for saving his daughter earlier. Turns out that it was not you who had saved her. Head to the location marked on the map which will be June Kraus Theatre.

Look for the sign where some thugs and the girl is still present. After talking with the girl, head south where apparently the Spider-Man went to check out a fire. Once there, people will start appreciating you for your bravery. Inspect the fire escape and continue to the next marker on the map.

Follow the chemical trail which will lead you to a police man who is handling a thug. The thug will inform you of a drug deal going on up ahead. Upon reaching the top, you will see that the thugs have been beaten up and the drugs are still there. However, if you look to the other side of the building, you will find out the fake Spider-Man trying to battle the thugs and failing at it.

Head there and help him out. The fake will eventually help you in the fight but he will run away as more thugs arrive in a car. Defeat all of the thugs to finish the side quest. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

Helping Howard

You will unlock this side mission after completing the ‘Couch Surfing’ main mission. Near the F.E.A.S.T., you will find a homeless man, Howard, who has lost all his pigeons. Your task is to find all of the pigeons in Manhattan by looking at the pigeon icon on the map. You will need to find 12 pigeons flying all around Manhattan.

Once you get to their location marked on the map, you will need to chase them and catch them. Once you have capture all 12 pigeons, head back to Howard to complete the side mission. You will be awarded with 1,000 XP and 12 Research Tokens.

Internet Famous

You can find this side mission in Harlem after completing the ‘Couch Surfing’ main mission. Head to the marker and speak with the woman who wants to give you an internet challenge. Take a picture of the first QR code which will unlock the locations of the remaining QR codes in the area.

As soon as you take the picture of the second code, some thugs will show up. Beat them up and head to the next QR code which is actually located on two buildings. To take a picture, you will be required to climb on a building located on its opposite side to align the QR code together. Once it is done, snap the picture and the location of three nearby bombs will be revealed.

Head to their locations and disable them all. Once you are done with the bombs, you will get the address of the kidnapped woman. Head to the location and you will find yourself ambushed once again. Defeat the thugs and the side quest will be complete. You will be rewarded with 1,500 Xp.


This is a series of three side missions namely On the Move, What’s He Building InThere and Let’s Get Ready to. This side mission line will be unlocked after completing the ‘Up the Water Spout’ main mission. MJ will tell you about the chip you found and you can solve its puzzle in Greenvich to get some answers.

Start the side mission by interacting with the chip present at the Circuit Projects table in Doctor Octavius’ lab. Solve the circuit puzzle by connecting and providing the correct amount of voltages. Once it is complete, exit the lab and you will start following the pings. When you reach the spot, you will see a truck moving around in the city.

Get on the truck and force it to stop. At this point, you will be attacked by thugs arriving on bikes. Defeat them all and head to the back of the truck to check it out. Check the containers to complete this part of the side quest and move on the to the next one. For completing this side mission, you will be awarded with 500 XP.

Now the second side mission ‘What’s He Building in There’ in this side mission will be unlocked. Get to the location marked on the map to start the side mission. Upon reaching there, you will find out that the chemical plant is filled with Tombstone’s biker thugs. You can clear the area using any method you like whether stealth or full on battle.

Once the area is clear of enemies, head to the truck and look at the barrels to discover the dangerous chemical. At this point, more bikers will arrive and inhale the chemical to become temporarily invincible. You can only use instant takedown at this point or wait until they return to normal conditions.

Take these out and later more enemies will join the party. Take them all out and you can finally inspect the inhaler of an infected biker to check it out. You will need to solve another science puzzle to reveal what to do next. Once the puzzle is solved, you will get to know about making a counter-drug to stop Tombstone. This will complete this side mission awarding you 1,500 XP.

Now you will have access to the final side mission of this side mission line ‘Let’s Get Ready to’. Head to the bridge leading out of Harlem and NYC in Hell’s Kitchen. This side mission is actually a boss fight with Tombstone so you must go prepared in the fight. You will need to avoid his many attacks such as when he jumps in the air and pounds on the ground sending three shockwaves in your direction.

Dodge the attacks and you will get to attack Tombstone. After some time, some of his henchmen will join the fight. Take care of the henchmen as they can be a real annoyance in the game. The ones riding the motorcycle will keep knocking you down if you are not careful. You can use their own choppers against them to even the deal.

As the henchmen go down, Tombstone will start using a chain attack which you can dodge easily by rolling here and there. Do not forget to jump over his shockwaves during this. In the final phase of the battle, Tombstone will start using blazing whip chains which are much harder to dodge as they cover a great distance.

Keep hitting him and dodging his attacks and he will eventually go down, completing the side mission. You will be rewarded with 3,500 XP for all the trouble.

College Buddies

You can start this side mission after finishing the ‘Spider-Hack’ main mission. Head to the marker to find Philip Chang who is trying to find his friend who is missing since the Halloween attack. Check the picture he gives you which points out to a location to your south in the south side of the Financial District.

The place is a two-story building located on the northwest section of the Battery Park landmark. Here you will find some corrupted which need to be defeated. Defeat them all to get fire brigade here and find Carlos. This will complete the side mission. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

Tick Tock

This side mission is unlocked after completing the ‘College Buddies’ side mission. The same person, Philip Chang will give you this side mission. He has locations of some more corrupted students that need to be taken down. Check out the picture he gives you. It is Ethan who is found in Harlem. The easiest way to reach Harlem from here is to ride the train which will lead you right to the location you want to be.

On reaching the spot, you will see an accident below. An old man here will point in the direction of the corrupted student. Head in the direction and you will find the corrupted students. Take them down and save the people held hostage here. In the end, you will find Ethan and the side mission will be complete. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

Over His Head

This side mission is unlocked after you complete the ‘Tick Tock’ and ‘College Buddies’ side missions. This is the third mission given to you by Phillip Chang. He has another missing student on his list that he wants you to find. Check out the image he gives to you and then head to Hell’s Kitchen where you will find the park in the Upper West Side district.

The exact location is in the middle of this park where Steve is present with some of Tombstone’s thugs. Take out the bikers in the area and pin Steve to the ground to complete this side mission. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

A Matter of Debate

This side mission is unlocked after you complete the previous Phillip Chang missions. For this mission, Phillip has yet more missing people for you to find and this time he has lost a full debate club. It is up to you to find them. Head to the bridge located in the southeast corner of the Financial District after checking out the picture.

Once you get near the bridge, you will find the corrupted students under the bridge overpass and they look like attacking a fuel tanker. Take them out to save the tanker and complete the side mission. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

Home Team Advantage

This is yet another side mission given by Phillip Chang unlocked after completing ‘A Matter of Debate’ side mission. This is his last mission. This time, you will need to look for the football team. Check the image and head to the park behind you where you will see them fighting some policemen.

Defeat the corrupted and more corrupted will arrive at this point. Defeat them all to complete the side mission. You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP.

Snipe Hunt

This side mission is unlocked by completing the main mission ‘Uninvited’. Head to the Financial District where you will find some demons in police custody. The demon will tell you location of another sniper in the locality. Head to his location and take him out. This will give you locations of three more snipers with a time.

Defeat all three snipers within the time and speak with the police again. You will get to know about demons taking hostages in Battery Park. You will need to defeat all thugs without them hurting the hostages. The main problem are the three snipers in this area which are overlooking the hostages. Take them out first and then use stealth to pick the remaining enemies out one by one.

Once all demons are eliminated, the hostages will be free and the side mission will be completed. You will be rewarded with 3,000 XP.

Error: File Not Found

This side mission is unlocked after completing the main mission ‘The One That Got Away’. Head to the Police Department in Hell’s Kitchen where a policeman will give you this side quest. Once you have the RFID chips, track down the location and you will arrive in Northeast Hell’s Kitchen.

Here you must eliminate some Fisk thugs and get the hard disks back. Once you have acquired the hard disks, you need to take them back which will result in Fisk’s thugs attacking the police department. Now you must defend the police department from the Fisk’s thugs. Defeat them all and you will complete the side mission. You will be rewarded with 3,000 XP.

Fight Taskmaster: Part 1

This side mission is unlocked after you complete ‘What’s in the Box’ main mission and then completing five different Taskmaster challenges. Complete any five challenges around the city and Taskmaster will come for you personally. Defeating Taskmaster is actually not that hard if you are patient with him.

He will block all your moves and attacks so you cannot attack him in normal conditions. You will need to web his face after a perfect dodge which will give you a chance to finally attack him. He will use your own attacks against you so do not be surprised when you see our own moves being used against you.

The best way to damage him after webbing his face after a perfect dodge is to pick up surrounding things and throwing at him. This will deal some serious damage to him. If you manage to beat him, he will be gone for good. To fight him again, you must complete all 16 challenges laid down by him and he will come for you again. You will be rewarded with 1000 XP for beating him.

Fight Taskmaster: Part 2

After you have completed all 16 Taskmaster challenges across Manhattan, he will come again and ambush you similar to the last time. The strategy will be similar to last time. Resort to webbing his face with perfect dodge and jump to avoid the shockwave attacks. Do not try to get too far from him as he will resort to stun grenades and binding ropes.

Defeat him and he will gone for good this time. If you lose the fight, you can complete another challenge and he will come again for you. For beating him, you wil be rewarded with 2,500 XP.

This concludes our Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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