Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide – Helpful Tips & Tricks

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide

In this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide, we will show you some helpful tips and tricks that can help you in the game. The tips are best for intermediate players who have gotten accustomed to the game mechanics and the basics of each superhero that the game offers.

The game is all about brawling, where you and your team will have to fight tough bosses. Fighting together, using your ultimate abilities, and making sure all your teammates get to use their special powers against the enemy are key factors.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide

Below we have detailed some helpful tips and tricks that will help you fight some tough bosses in the game.

Destroy Crates for Orbs

There are many crates in the game that you can destroy for Orbs. These crates also exist in areas where you have to fight bosses. These crates contain the red health orbs and the blue mana orbs. Collecting these orbs is necessary for your attack abilities.

Use the Ultimate Abilities

All superheroes come with their own unique and special ultimate ability. These are power moves that can provide you powerful attacks or buffs to the team or the character. What is best about the gameplay mechanic is that you can trigger all four ultimate abilities at once for a more devastating effect.

However, it is best to save your ultimate for a tricky boss that you might find hard to defeat. Activating all four ultimate abilities can have a more effective way of taking down bosses when their purple meter is low. The low meter indicates that the boss is very vulnerable and can be taken down with the ultimate abilities.

Switching Characters

When you venture out to fight baddies alone, you can also switch to any other character in your team. This allows a breathing space for your main character especially if they are running low on health.

Switching to other characters in your team assure that the battle stays on for a long time. This also allows other superheroes in your team to use their own unique ultimate ability in order to deal damage to the bosses.

Always Upgrade Your Skills

It is easy to forget about upgrading your skills when you are having so much fun fighting as your favorite superhero. But you should always remember to upgrade your skills to make your character even more powerful.

To upgrade, you need to go press start with the + button, and then go to the Team menu. Now you can use the S.H.I.E.L.D save pads to go the Labs to upgrade your team’s passive abilities. You can check out all the upgrades in this menu and their cost.

You can also equip your CPUs with gems that restore your health. This works great for when your health reaches its danger zone.

Keeping Teammates in the Action

There is a reviving option in the game that allows you to keep your teammates in the action and in the battle, for when they are knocked down. It is best to keep your team intact and to revive your downed teammates alive if you want to keep the fight alive.

Once a teammate is knocked down, you can lure the boss away from them, and then stun the boss. This will give you enough time to go revive the downed teammate.

This concludes our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide. Post your comments below.

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