Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ability Orbs Location Guide –  Where to Find

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ability Orbs

In this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ability Orbs Location Guide, we will show you where you can find the Ability Orbs in the game. Ability Orbs are items that are needed to upgrade the skills of your heroes.

Ability Orbs can be found in various places of the game, but are well hidden. However, you can also find Ability Orbs when you go for the Infinity Trials. These trials are not related to the main missions of the game. Once you collect them from the Infinity Trials, they can be used to upgrade skills in the story mode of the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ability Orbs Location Guide

Below we have detailed the locations of all the Ability Orbs that you can find in the game.

Infinity Trials

These are trials or challenges that put you in a battle with bosses or small enemy waves. These challenges are quite tough and are also required to complete if you are looking to unlock Thanos as a playable character.

Completing Infinity Trials will reward you with Ability Orbs. The more star rating you have the more the rewards you will get. Infinity Trials are the best way to get Ability Orbs if you want to upgrade the skills of your favorite superhero. In total, you can score 10 Ability Orbs by completing the Infinity Trials.

Beat Enemies

There are also other ways you can get Infinity Orbs. You can do this by defeating certain enemies in the game that are tied to the main story missions. You can get an Ability Orb by defeating Elektra and defeat Mysterio. You also get the orbs when you win the Spider-Gwent, Ms Marvel and Miles Morales Battles.

Hidden Ability Orbs

You can also find these orbs hidden in the environment. Some are hidden in chests in the security gates puzzles, while others are hidden behind breakable walls. You can find one in a mission called Guardians of the Galaxy. Here you need to find a wall that you can break once you are at the prison. The orb will be inside the box.

As mentioned before, you can also get Ability Orbs by completing the security gates puzzles, where they are contained in chests placed inside the mazes. When you reach The Raft, you will encounter two security gates puzzles that you need to complete. The first puzzle has one chest on the right that contains your Ability Orb, waiting to be collected.

Another location that you can find an orb is when you are going to the Shadowland. On the way, you will come across an area with the metal fence that you need to break in order to reach the second round of searchlights. Here, an orb will be hidden inside a box.

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