Lucky Tower Ultimate: Early Access Launch Set for August

Lucky Tower Ultimate

Prepare for a hilariously chaotic adventure as Studio Seufz, the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed The Longing, teams up with publisher AMC Games to unveil their latest creation, Lucky Tower Ultimate. The slapstick roguelite adventure is set to launch into Early Access on Steam in August 2024, promising players an unforgettable journey filled with absurdity and unpredictability.

The announcement trailer for Lucky Tower Ultimate offers a glimpse into the madness that awaits within the tower’s walls. Narrated by the proud master, Evelius, the trailer showcases the tower’s randomly generated rooms, each presenting a new set of challenges, traps, monsters, and quirky companions. As viewers witness the clumsy knight’s repeated attempts to conquer the tower, it becomes clear that Evelius’s machinations hold deeper secrets yet to be uncovered.

Check out the Early Access Trailer:

Anselm Pyta, co-designer and lead artist of the Lucky Tower series shares insights into the game’s development, emphasizing its dynamic and unpredictable nature. With each playthrough offering unique absurd situations, Pyta highlights the game’s suitability for Early Access, where community feedback will shape its ongoing evolution. “Lucky Tower Ultimate” is slated to remain in Early Access for approximately a year, during which new content will continue to be added based on player input.

As the first premium installment in the Lucky Tower series, Lucky Tower Ultimate represents the culmination of the beloved Flash gaming era, blending goofy humor, quirky characters, and deadly challenges. Retaining the series’ signature three-door format per floor, the game invites both new and returning fans to embrace the thrill of navigating treacherous obstacles and unexpected pitfalls.

Lucky Tower Ultimate

Stefan Michel, producer of Lucky Tower Ultimate, emphasizes the game’s premium status and encourages fans to embrace this new iteration. With the previous games available for free, Michel underscores the enhanced experience offered by Lucky Tower Ultimate and urges fans to transition to the new installment.

To stay informed about the game leading up to its Early Access launch in August, you can explore the demo available on Steam as well as add it to your wishlist. Prepare to embark on a side-splitting journey through the whimsical world of Lucky Tower Ultimate, where laughter and chaos await at every turn.

What are your thoughts on Lucky Tower Ultimate and is it something that you would be interested in playing when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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