KILL KNIGHT Demo Teases Exciting Features Ahead of Full Release

Since the release of the KILL KNIGHT demo during Steam Next Fest, players have been eagerly anticipating more details about what’s to come. The game quickly became one of the most popular demos, with over 70,000 downloads, solidifying its status as a highly anticipated title. PlaySide, the developer and publisher behind KILL KNIGHT, has shared new details about additional features that will be included when the game launches later this year.

The new gameplay mechanic revealed is called Entanglement, the newest layer in the game. This layer will challenge players by constricting their movement and incorporating deadly traps such as the Blood Bomb—an exploding environmental hazard that adds a new level of danger and strategy to the game. This feature promises to heighten the tension and complexity of navigating the already treacherous depths of the Abyss.

Check out the Extended Gameplay Trailer below:

KILL KNIGHT will also introduce three new weapons to aid players in their quest for vengeance. The Heavensown is a melee sword designed for extended range attacks, providing a balance of reach and power. The Revolters, a set of dual pistols, offer rapid-fire capabilities for players who prefer to keep their distance while delivering a barrage of bullets. Lastly, the Voidfract light armor will enhance survivability, providing crucial protection against the horrors that lurk in the Abyss.

The game plunges players into the role of a dishonored warrior, betrayed and banished to the depths of the Abyss. Reanimated as the KILL KNIGHT, the protagonist is driven by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance, with a singular mission: kill the last angel. Players must master the art of exploiting enemy weaknesses, executing brutal finishers, and tactically managing resources as they delve deeper into the nightmarish realm.


KILL KNIGHT’s gameplay is characterized by fast and visceral top-down combat that rewards aggression and precision. The game’s retro-inspired aesthetic enhances the immersive experience, with an atmosphere dripping in corrosive ambiance. Players will descend through five increasingly deadly layers, each presenting unique challenges and perils.

The game offers three distinct difficulty settings, allowing players to choose their preferred level of challenge. Surviving long enough will enable players to raise their Kill Power, increasing both speed and damage. Completing challenges unlocks the Knight’s Arsenal, providing opportunities to evolve playstyles and strategies.

For those seeking the ultimate test, KILL KNIGHT features a Master Mode, which combines all five layers into one extended arena challenge. This mode, along with global leaderboards, encourages players to compete for high-score supremacy, adding a competitive edge to the game’s already intense gameplay.


KILL KNIGHT is now available to wishlist on Steam, and players can still delve into the demo throughout Steam Next Fest. With its blend of strategic combat, atmospheric horror, and compelling features, KILL KNIGHT is aiming to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience when it launches later this year. A confirmed release date will be announced at a later stage. Apart from PC, KILL KNIGHT will also be released for Xbox One, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts on KILL KNIGHT and have you tried its new Steam Next Fest demo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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