Jade Raymond is the Head of Google’s First Gaming Studio

Jade Raymond Head

Jade Raymond revealed today during Google’s GDC 2019 presentation that she will be the head of Google’s first gaming studio for Stadia. This will be Google’s first-party development studio and it will be called Stadia Games and Entertainment. The studio will work exclusively on Google’s new Stadia gaming platform.

Jade Raymond previously worked with Ubisoft and EA and she is considered as an industry veteran. She joined Google last week as company vice president but her exact role at Google was still unknown. It was only today during Google’s GDC presentation where Stadia was revealed, did she revealed that she will be leading Google’s first-party development studio.

She stated during the GDC presentation

As the head of Stadia Games and Entertainment, I will not only be bringing first party game studios to reimagine the new generation of games. Our team will also be working with external developers to make all of the bleeding edge Google technology you’ve seen here today available to partner studios big and small. We are committed to going down a bold path, learning what is working best, and sharing key tools and tech so that we can take games to the next level together.

Google unveiled its first venture into video games industry with the powerful Stadia platform. The platform will work very much like a streaming service but it will allow a complete freedom of device and mobility. Players will be able to livestream their favorite games on all devices that can run Chrome. This includes laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Raymond sadly did not announce any titles during her presentation or any other information about the Stadia platform in general. However, we are sure that since Stadia is planned for a release later this year, more information about the platform itself and the launch titles with it will be revealed soon. We do know however that Doom Eternal will be coming to Stadia.

Stadia is expected to release in Fall 2019 and will be available on all devices that can run Chrome.

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