Insomniac Games Has Finally ‘Fixed’ Puddles in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Before the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man, fans were all angry about some of the puddles removed from a specific sequence of the game. This puddle outcry even led to some fans claiming that the game has been downgraded however this was not the case actually and the difference was only because of the camera angle and some lightning fixes in the later build.

Insomniac Games took this very seriously and to make the angry fans happy have issued a ‘vital’ fix for the game by introducing ‘puddle stickers’ for the angry fans. Now the puddle lovers can have as many puddles as they want. They can have puddles in the sky, on the walls even on Spider-Man’s face.

These new stickers were added in the game in the latest update that recently came out and added New Game Plus and the Ultimate difficulty for more hardcore fans of the series. The update also came with many new frames and stickers for the awesome photo mode of the game giving more options to the players to play around with it.

Insomniac Games added puddle stickers with this update to issue a cheeky fix to the puddlegate allowing players to have any amount of puddles they want in any sequence and not just the one that sparked the outcry. Gil Doron who is the user interface and user experience lead at Insomniac was kind enough to fix it for the fans.

Check out his tweet below.

Now that these stickers are out, we can expect some really funny outcomes in the coming days. Players are going to use the puddle sticker very generously simply adding to the fun of the whole puddlegate saga.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now out exclusively for PS4 and we gave it a straight 10. Want to know why? Check out our Marvel’s Spider-Man review right here.

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