Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide – How to Achieve

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can clear the level Santa Fortuna in Hitman 2 while achieving the Silent Assassin Ranking. For Silent Assassin Ranking, you must know that no one should see you as a suspicious person and no camera should record you. This has to be a very clean run. Even if a camera records you, you will fail to get the Silent Assassin rank.

We have curated this Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide in which we have a level walkthrough for you which will help you achieve the Silent Assassin rank of this level. Santa Fortuna is the third level in the game and hence it is still much easier than later levels to get a Silent Assassin rank here.

Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin – Hitman 2

In this Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can achieve Silent Assassin on the Santa Fortuna level of Hitman 2.

Initial Approach

In this level, you will need to eliminate three targets. We recommend that for Silent Assassin rank, you follow the original starting location and make Andrea Martinez your first target because it is simply easier to go in this direction from the start location. Once the level starts, turn right and go ahead on the road leading out of the town.

Reach the point where you see two talking guards. Here, find the gap between the trees and use the gap to go ahead. You will arrive at the location of the plane crash. Find the orange box dangling at the crash site and make note of its location. Now climb the vines but watch out for some guards at the top. When you see the fruits, use them to get the orange box down.

Head back and grab the circuit board from the dropped box. Now you need to make your way into the jungle. Keep heading in until you reach a man brewing up a potion for some tourists. The man will eventually move to get some items in the nearby area. Follow him, subdue him and hide the body in the back of the shack. You might need to do something about the tourists too. Whatever you do, do not kill them and hide their bodies as well.

Taking out the First Target

Take Shaman’s disguise and head back into the town. Introduce yourself as the shaman there and Andrea will ask you to perform a ritual on the construction site for good luck. This is the time to strike. Follow Andrea to the ritual site and start performing the false ritual. Moving your arms around pointlessly will be enough for them to think that a ritual has been performed.

After the ritual, quickly run to the cement mixer stationed nearby and get ready to flick the switch. Andrea will move in to inspect the site. Keep waiting until she is directly in front of the cement mixer. At this point, use the switch and bury her under the cement to kill her instantly.

Taking out the Second Target

Your second target in the mission will be Rico Delgado. To start with him, leave the construction site and go back to the village. When you cross the boathouse, head in and collect the rat poison. You will need it. Now, make your way to the bar on the opposite side of the road and go near the person wearing the yellow cap. He will walk outside the bar after sometime so stay inside the bar until he does so.

As soon as he goes out, poison his drink but make sure that no one is looking while you are doing so. After drinking his drink, he will naturally make a run to the toilet. Follow him, subdue him in there and grab his disguise. You can hide his body in the bin located outside the window of the bathroom. Once you have the disguise, it is time for Rico. Head towards his mansion located near the starting location of the map.

If you are carrying any weapons, ditch them before entering the mansion as you will be body-searched at the entrance of the mansion. One of the guards here will lead you to Mrs. Delgado. Move around with her and listen to her jibber jabber. Once Rico arrives at the location, he will take you his office where you must tattoo his neck. You will get a window here to kill him by stabbing in the neck.

After you have killed him, your work is not done here so do not run out. You need to hide the body. Start with dragging him outside his office door and then another door on the right side. Keep going further into the house and you will finally find a container where you can ditch the body. Your work is still not done yet. Your last cleanup step is to wipe out the video recording.

Head back down and go to the hallway where you will two guards roaming about. Here, you will need to access the security room located in the middle of the hallway and wipe out the video. Watch the pattern of the guards and get to the security office when you can. Once done, you are now ready to find and eliminate the final target of the location.

Taking out the Third Target

The last target, Jorge Franco, is located in the coca plantation. To get there, head back to the main entrance of the mansion and head to the plane crash area in the forest. Climb back up and get in the bushes quickly. Some guards will be present in the area. Follow the path secretly and you will arrive at the plantation.

Keep inside the vegetation and make your way further inside the vegetation. Stick to the edges of the plantation and you should be fine. Do not get too close to the guards or they will get suspicious. In the middle, you will see there is a small hut. Make your way around the plantation so that you are at the back of this hut.

You will see that a generator is placed at the back here. Turn it off to make a worker come and inspect it. While he is turning it back on, move in and subdue the worker. Do not kill him. Get his disguise and hide the body in the container placed nearby. Now use the window and jump inside the hut to install the circuit board you picked up earlier. Once done, go back outside and wait.

The machine will start working and Jorge will ask everyone to leave the shack. Once he does that, jump back in and push Jorge inside the machine once he is close to it. This will kill him instantly. Now you will need to escape the area. You can simply run to the helicopter located on the docks. Make sure that no one spots you while heading to the helicopter.

For a more detailed guide on Santa Fortuna such as all disguises, points of interests and more, check out our Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Walkthough Guide. If you want more Hitman 2 Silent Assassin guides, click here.

This concludes our Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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