Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough Guide – Points of Interest, Disguises

Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough Guide, we will show you how to complete the fourth mission of the game that is set in Mumbai, India. Agent 47 finds himself in his next mission set in the busy city of Mumbai, to take down more targets.

The mission starts off different from the previous missions because Agent 47 has to first identify the targets that he has to eliminate. What makes the mission quite challenging is that the city is full of people and crowd that makes it a unique mission.

The fourth mission in Hitman 2 which is called “Chasing a Ghost”, you are expected to identify, locate and assassinate a leader of a mysterious gang who is called The Maelstrom. In addition, you are also supposed to take own two more targets alongside with the leader.

The three targets to eliminate in Mumbai are The Maelstrom, Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan. Vanya Shah is the self proclaimed Queen of the Slums, and can be found in trainyard converted into a base of operations.

The other target, Dawood Rangan can be found in an under construction, six floor building that is owned by himself. The building is surrounded by the slums and is a very crowded place, making it a vulnerable place to take down the target.

Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough Guide

Below, we will list all the items that you can find in this area, the points of interest that you can explore and to chose the best way to kill all the three targets of The Crows. We will highlight everything related to this mission so that you can chose whichever method you prefer the best to assassinate the targets/

Hitman 2 Mumbai – Points of Interest

This location is where you can find one of the three targets that you have to kill; Vanya Shah. Once you reach the location, you will find it to be a heavily fortified trainyard that will be very hard to enter. And without a decent disguise, sneaking in will be very difficult for you.

Tenement Building
This location is where you can find Dawood Rangan and is an under construction building that can be found on the right side of the map. This is a very crowded place where there is a lot to explore, where Dawood’s building is under construction itself, with a movie set and photo shoot area in the in the middle of the floors.

The slums are a big part of this whole map and also where most of the other points of interests can be found. The Slums are also a place where members of The Crows are looking out for suspicious people at all times, as they have been alerted to lookout for the assassin coming for The Maelstrom. This very much means that you should be careful around these members and try not to look as suspicious to them.

The Crows HQ
The slums is the place where the Crows reside and also have their own headquarters. The location is not hard to find especially because of the sign of the Crows that can be seen on the walls as graffiti. The headquarters has a lot of entrances, but the easiest of them all is through a pipe in the sewers that lead straight inside.

Barber Shop
There is a barber shop that can be found in the slums and is not that hard to miss as it can be easily identified with a colorful display of the shop. You will also find a little commotion going on where a group of people are demanding the shop to be open. You can also find a way into the barber shop form the back where you can sneak in to find the Barber talking to his wife about The Crows.

this location can be found through the sewers leading to the trainyard where it eventually reaches the laundry.

Tailor Shop
Opposite to the main entrance of the trainyard is a tailor shop, where you will find that the tailor is trying to avoid Vanya Shah, and will go out of the shop, where you have the opportunity to take his disguise.

Hitman 2 Mumbai – Disguises

There are many disguises you can take in Mumbai, which can lead to multiple interesting ways to kill your targets. Here are all the disguises you can find in this mission:

The barber shop that is located in the slums can be accessed from the back, where the barber and his wife can be seen arguing. You can subdue both of them and take the barbers disguise.

The tailor shop is opposite to the main entrance of the trainyard. The tailor can be seen heading out of the shop in order to avoid Vanya Shah. You can follow him and take him down when you best see the opportunity, and take his disguise.

Laundry Foreman
Sneak up in the laundry foreman’s office from the stairs at the back of the building. You will find him inside talking to his assistant, and can be lured outside if you disable the fuse box on the roof. Once he does, you can take him out and take his disguise. Be sure to turn the lights back on as to not alert the assistant.

Security Crew
This disguise can be taken from the tenement building when you enter it from the sewers. You will find a couple of guards when you reach the area, which can be taken down for you to take the disguise of a security crew.

Bollywood Crew
This disguise can be taken from the crew that are near the movie set, you can poison any one of the crew you want, and then they will go to the toilet to throw up. This is where you can pounce on him and take his disguise.

Gregory Arthur
There is an American celebrity that is supposed to be doing a photo shoot with Dawood Rangan. But you will find him in the slums enjoying the local food. The food will cause some stomach troubles where he will go to the river to throw up; this is where you can take him down to take his disguise.

Elite Crow Soldier
You can find many of the Crows soldiers roaming in the slums. Their disguise can be taken from many areas, but since there are a lot of people around who can spot you killing the guards, its best to get the disguise from the two guards guarding the sewer entrance.

Hitman 2 Mumbai – Items

Movie Script
This can be found in the elevator shaft in the tenement building, resting on a beam. To get it down, you can throw a rock at it to knock it down, and collect from the bottom.

Dress Fabric
You can find a vendor that will be selling fabric just outside of the tailor’s shop near the entrance of the trainyard. In order to impress Vanya Shah, you need to pick the right kind of fabric. Buy the fabric from the vendor.

Measuring Tape
This item can be found in the tailor shop. This measuring tape can be used to kill Vanya Shah if you prefer this method.

Photo of The Maelstrom

TO identify the Maelstrom in this mission, you need to locate a picture of him. This picture is located on a table deep within the main room of the Crows HQ. To get in you will need a disguise of a security crew or a Crow Soldier.

Hitman 2 Mumbai – How to kill The Maelstrom, Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan

Since the identity of the Maelstrom is unknown, you need to gather information on what he looks like. This can be done by heading in the Crows HQ where a photo of the maelstrom can be located on the table. This is how you will learn about the leader of the Crows

From there, you will head out into the slums, where you will plan your method of assassinating the targets. As you wander in the slums, you will find a barber shop where you will learn that the Maelstrom usually visits for a shave. He also wanders in the slum, visiting his lovers in the city.

The trainyard where Vanya Shah can be located is heavily fortified. Getting in is easier said than done. But Vanya can be seen venturing out from home every now and then to the slums. Once of the locations she visits is the laundry where she is trying to encourage a new foreman to work him employees harder for more benefits. You can visit such a meeting in a disguise and assassinate her in an interesting method of your own.

Vanya also is looking to get a new dress for herself, and will be heading to the tailor’s shop for a dress. Here you can disguise as a tailor and kill her by strangling her with the measuring tape.

The third target, Dawood Rangan who is a Bollywood producer and actor, can be seen around the movie set. To kill him you can sabotage the industrial fan to blow him off the building where a shooting scene will be filmed starring Dawood.

When roaming in the slums, you have to be careful of the Crows who are already alerted of a foreigner attempting to assassinate the Maelstrom, while you should also be careful in the trainyard and the tenement building that are filled with security cameras all around them.

Additionally, if you want, you can also choose a tall tower to snipe all the three targets if you do not wish to engage in a more up close and personal way of assassinating the targets.

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This concludes our Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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