Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough Guide – Points of Interest, Items

Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough guide, we will show you how to complete the second mission of the game that is set in Miami. This location is set on a high paced racing course, with a beach adjacent to the track with a beautiful marina. This level is divided in two sections; one is the loud race track and the other is the quiet and empty marina.

In the Miami mission you are asked to assassinate two targets who are a father and daughter; Sierra and Robert Knox. These two targets are seen separate in the areas of this race track area. Robert Knox can be seen in nearby offices in the Krondstadt building, while Sierra Knox is participating in the ongoing racing event.

Since this is a big area, you will find many interesting ways you can complete this mission, so take your time to explore and discover things.

Entering the race track will have you frisked, which means you cannot carry any weapons in with yourself when you try to enter. Additionally, you can enter areas that are off-limit by getting yourself a security guard or pit crew disguise. Or you can steal VIP cards to enter the VIP Lounge.

You can also change the outcome of the race by changing your disguise as a track marshal, black flagging sierra to disqualify her or her rival Moses Lee.

Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough Guide

Below, we will list all the items in this area, the point of interests that you can go, and to chose the best way that suits you to kill Robert and Sierra Knox. We will leave no stone unturned for this mission and highlight everything that is linked to this mission.

Hitman 2 Miami Points of Interest

Parking Garage
This area has a couple of interesting things to look out for when you make your way to it. It is also heavily covered in cameras; however the CCTV control console is right in the center of the garage, while being guarded by a sleeping guard. To access the console, you will need a keycard that is available in the Kronstadt building.

Kronstadt Building
this building is away from the noisy race circuit, where some sections are open to public, including the expo hall, where you can also check out the company’s experimental car. On the executive level of the building is where the entire interesting tech is hidden, some of which you can use for murderous results.

VIP Area
After you enter the main ticketing area for the race, you will see VIP sings that will indicate this area along the right side. To enter this area you will need a ticket or a suitable disguise to enter, which can be accessed if you stroll down a little further.

Pit Lounge
Far off to the right side of the map is the pit room. There is nothing exciting to find here but you can find many ways to kill Sierra Knox, as the place offers some assassination methods to kill her.

Driver’s Lounge
Through the VIP area you can also gain entrance to the Driver’s Lounge, which is also where you will find Sierra with other drivers. This is where you can blend in and get involved in the party, while you can also sabotage the chili shot challenge to kill Sierra.

Winner’s Podium
you can allow Sierra Knox to win the race and wait for her to get to the podium to kill her at her moment of glory. The podium is directly behind the Kronstadt building where you can find the pressure system for the pyrotechnics as well as the winning trophy if you chose to kill her this way.

Hitman 2 Miami – Items

VIP Tickets
A scalper will be attempting to sell you VIP Tickers in the last corridor to the stands by the Portable toilets and the medical camp. You can knock him out and steal the VIP Tickets for yourself that you can use to enter the area.

Krondstadt Building Key Card
This key car can be obtained behind the walls of the expo hall where there is a racing car in the Krondstadt Building. A key car will be sitting on the gable directly to the right as you enter the back area. A technician will be standing nearby so you will have to be careful.

Rat Poison
This can be found in the shack that is opposite to the docks in the marina. To get inside, you will need a lockpick or a crowbar.

this can be found hidden behind the bar in the Driver’s Lounge that can also be used to kill Sierra.

Octane Booster
This can be used to burn Robert to kill him as this experimental fuel tank can be found in the garage that is behind the car in Krondstadt building expo hall. The fuel tank will be on the shelf on the top corner.

Hitman 2 Miami – How to kill Robert and Sierra Knox

There are two targets that you have to eliminate in this mission: Robert and Sierra Knox. As mentioned before, Sierra can be found in the race track as she is taking part in the race, while Robert Knox can be found in the offices of the Krondstadt building.

Robert can be holed out of his office if you post as General Ted Mendez and sabotage the demo of his latest breakthrough: android soldiers. You can exploit the target system that he has a lot of confidence in and have him killed with his own creation. However, you will need to bring a picture of him so that you can use to have him killed.

Another way to kill Robert is to sabotage his experimental race car, by messing with a few wires. When Robert comes to fix the car, the car can be rigged to blow up.

Sierra Knox can be killed during the race manly by messing with her car during a pit stop. You can also kill her with a sniper rifle from the rafters; however, this may be quite tough.

Other way you can kill her is by posing as a blackmailer and pushing her down the elevator shaft, or you can also kill her posing as a medic, or burn her in flames as she is lifting her winning trophy.
The mission will end once you have successfully killed both your targets, and escaped the premises.

This concludes our Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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