Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide – How to Achieve

Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can clear the level Isle of Sgail in Hitman 2 while achieving the Silent Assassin Ranking. For Silent Assassin Ranking, you must know that no one should see you as a suspicious person and no camera should record you. This has to be a very clean run. Even if a camera records you, you will fail to get the Silent Assassin rank.

We have curated this Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide in which we have a level walkthrough for you which will help you achieve the Silent Assassin rank of this level. Isle of Sgail is the sixth and final level in the game. After this mission, your base game will be complete however you can play the levels again to try out new things in them.

Isle of Sgail Silent Assassin – Hitman 2

In this Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can achieve Silent Assassin on the Isle of Sgail level of Hitman 2.

Initial Approach

For the Silent Assassin rank, we recommend that you go with the default loadout and starting location. Since you need to be silent and quick, there is no need for fancy weapons here. As soon as the level starts, head to the crowd near the steps and continue on ahead. Follow the path heading right and upon reaching the open area, turn left and through the big doors to reach the lower courtyard of the castle up ahead.

Head left under the archway and then up the ramp ahead. This will lead you to the upper courtyard where you should hide behind the wall on the left side and keep going along it and then finally jump down to a bush. Wait until the guard turns away and then drop down to move towards the cliff behind the building. Keep heading along the cliff until you reach the building.

Look inside the window to see if someone is near the window. Move along the first window and reach the second one. Wait for the guard to finish and move in when the guard is gone. Inside, you will see a generator. Start the generator, hide and wait for the female custodian to come here. While she is checking the generator, subdue her and then head to the male custodian and take him out too. Hide both the bodies and pick anyone’s uniform as a disguise.

Next, go to the hydraulics on the trap door and loosen up them up with a wrench. Pick up the rat poison and head to the next room. Keep going until you reach a window at the end. Jump through the window and keep going until you come to the crumbled wall. Use it to enter crypt. Inside the crypt, you will see a ladder, climb the ladder and wait for the security guard.

Taking out the First Target

Your next task is to destroy the security system of the area which will need you to access a console which is under surveillance of four guards. The next step is very tricky and you will need to time it right. Throw a coin in the corner of the room while making sure that no one sees you. All guards will turn away to look at the coin. This is your window. Sneak to the console, interact with it and come back. You will need to time it extremely right in order for it to work. Once this is done, you can head to the next room.

In the next room, you will see a man in some fancy dressing. You need to get this disguise. Pick up his schedule next to his drink. When he comes back, he will start looking for it. In search of the schedule, he will go to his backroom where you can easily subdue him, grab his disguise and hide the body. Now you can ready to take down your first target, Zoe Washington.

Use the door on the opposite side now and go up the stairs to go near the statue. Once there, head down to the pit of money where the guests are moving around. Pick up the torch here and get ready to start the ceremony. Complete all actions required for it and then head up to Zoe. Zoe will enter the effigy and ask you to burn it. Use the torch and burn it down to kill her.

Taking down the Second Target

Now you need to focus towards your second target, Sophia Washington. Head back to the stairs and reach the VIP entrance on the left through the crowds. Keep going and you will eventually arrive at the gallery. Inside, head right and use the door to get to some stairs. Go up the stairs and keep following the path. When you see the waiter, enter the door next to him and then turn left. You will see a balcony. Climb the pipe and reach the upper level.

Above, find the fuse box that you need to interact with. Flick it and hide behind the boxes. One of the castle staff will come to investigate the switch. Knock him out and flick the switch back on. Take the castle staff’s uniform and then hide the body behind the box. Head inside the door and make your way to the Architect’s bar which is located on the roof of the armory.

Here, you need to track down Jebediah Block who wears a very unique uniform. Once you reach the bar, you will instantly recognize him due to his unique dressing. He will be accompanied by some of his guards. You need to get his disguise. For doing so, go down one floor using the stairs and drop down and then shimmy across the building.

Watch out for some guards below who can see you very easily so tread very carefully. Once you have shimmied across, climb up to the roof and quickly hide behind the generator. Here you will need to throw a coin at exactly the time when Jebediah and his guards move away from the wine glass on the roof. The guard will be distracted and you can move in to drop the rat poison in his drink.

When he comes back to drink, he will get sick and move to the edge where you will get a clear window to subdue him and get his unique dress. Move the body a little bit and hide it well near the wall. There is no hiding place here so you will need to be creative. Use the wall as a hiding place, once done you are not ready for the kill.

Find Sophia Washington on the upper floors of the castle and speak with her to set the meeting with the council. During the meeting, wait until Sophia is finished and then disagree with her. This will cause her to take you to her penthouse where she will threaten you. This is the time to kill her. Kill her using the torture device and pick up the killswitch that she drops. Now you need to search the castle for the Constant.

Once you do, show him the killswitch to threaten him and make him follow you. Once he starts following you, go to the pier with him where you can escape with the Constant as your hostage. This will complete the mission.

For a more detailed guide on Isle of Sgail such as all items, disguises and points of interest, check out our Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Walkthrough Guide. For more Hitman 2 Silent Assassin guides, click here.

This concludes our Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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