GTA 6 and PS5 Might Arrive in 2020 According to a Leak


According to a leak, we might get GTA 6 and PS5 next year however it should be still considered as a leak and there’s a slim chance that it might be true. This leak also emerged back in December and it comes from a Pastebin file which appears to be from a game developer in Europe.

According to this leak, the developer is apparently working on a PS5 game and is sharing a few of Sony’s plans for the next-gen console’s launch. The leak states that we can expect a reveal of the next generation console anytime from now until June and the consoles may release in March or November 2020.

Apart from the consoles, the file also reveals some of the launch titles for the PS5 which include Gran Turismo 7 with VR support, The Last of Us Part 2 Remaster, Ghost of Tsushima Remaster and PUBG free-to-play 4K remaster. These will be console exclusives and will be part of the launch titles along with other games.

The file also mentions a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel planned for 2021. Apart from these major hitters, the file also states Battlefield: Bad Company 3, GTA 6, Harry Potter and Assassin’s Creed will also be part of next-gen console library. All titles apart, Rockstar Games has no plans of releasing the next GTA at this point because the last one is still doing so well when it comes to making them money.

Coming to the hardware itself, the file states that PS5 will support backward compatibility and the system will be powered by a 7nm Ryzen 8 core, 16-thread processor. The speed of this processor is not yet known however its architecture will target 14 teraflops.

It will be 4K ready and will also come with 8K upscaling support. Wireless VR is also listed in the specs. New Dualshock controller will come with a built-in camera for VR as well. This is not the first time that we have heard rumors of next-generation consoles coming out in 2020. Consoles might arrive in 2020 however the chances of them getting GTA 6 seems like a longshot.

Rockstar Games is currently busy with Red Dead Online and even GTA Online is still getting massive updates such as the Arena Wars update. To announce a next-gen title this year and then release it the next does not sound right. We are certain that both Sony and Microsoft will indeed reveal their next-gen consoles this year however GTA 6 is not a possibility.

Microsoft has big plans for E3 this year and since Sony is not attending E3, we might get to see Sony’s console at their own livestream reveals or the brand new State of Play livestreams that Sony has planned for this year. What might be the case, we will surely keep an eye out and update you.

What do you think about this leak and do you believe that PS5 and GTA 6 will arrive next year? Let us know in the comments section below.


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