Gran Turismo Sport Update Brings the Iconic Track Goodwood Motor Circuit

Gran Turismo Sport Update

A new May update for Gran Turismo Sport has brought in the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit for players this month. The update differs from the previous content update as there were no new cars added this time.

The producer of the game Kazunori Yamauchi had already stated that the car team would be getting a break this month after delivering cars with almost every update since the launch of the game back in 2017. While there are no new cars this time around, a new track still makes it way through in the game. The Goodwood Motor Circuit makes its official digital debut in the Gran Turismo or any other game.

The track is short, as you can expect, where it is usually used to showcase all kinds of vehicles from vintage to new when the Goodwood Festival of Speed is every year in July. Players will now be able to drive their cars in the narrow track, with large run-off grassy fields that are iconic to Goodwood, and go for a speedy sprint that would allow them to tackle tricky corners.

Yamauchi teased the track last week, where instead of the usual silhouettes of the cars, there was hinting of a new track. It didn’t take long for the players to piece it together as many guess the track to be the iconic track based in the United Kingdom.

Gran Turismo Sport Update

The update v1.39 is now live and is 1.2GB in size. The Goodwood Motor Circuit featured in the update is 2.36-mile circuit and comes in the ever-growing list of tracks in the game.

Lastly, and in addition to the new track, new GT League Events and additional Scapes collection, which are as chosen by the Polyphony employees, have also been added:

Gran Turismo Sport Update

  • Beginner League: Two additional rounds will be added to the MINI Challenge
  • Amateur League:Two additional rounds each will be added to the Nostalgic Car, Supra Legend, Super Formula Championships
  • Professional League:Two additional rounds will be added to the F1500 Championship
  • Endurance League:One additional round will be added to the Porsche Cup

What do you think of the new track and the new GT League events that are added in the game with the new Gran Turismo Sport update? Post your comments below.

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