Ubisoft Reveals Ghost Recon Breakpoint as New Tom Clancy Game

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

After a few speculations that a new Tom Clancy game would be announced soon, Ubisoft has just revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint as a new tactical shooter game. The new title in the Ghost Recon series is set to launch this year on October 8, 2019.

While Ghost Recon Wildlands set players to Bolivia where they had to break up the drug cartel and destroy its reign over the region, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to be another tactical shooter that takes a different approach with its setting and story.

Take a look at the announcement trailer of Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will see you placed right behind enemy lines, and is set in a remote Pacific island called Auroa. This island is home to a mysterious company called Skell Technology. Here, you will find yourself being hunted by Wolves, a group of special ops soldiers who went rogue. They have also programmed Skell’s autonomous drones to become powerful and deadly machines after you.

The game is an open-world just like Wildlands. In its open-world you will get to explore 11 biomes on Auroa including mountains, futuristic cities, fjords and the jungle. You will also find some situations where you will be engaging in battles on land, sea or air. As the game comes with a survival aspect, you also have to be mindful of your stamina levels, or you might slip and fall down slopes, or slowed down by water or snow. You can also be slowed up if you sustain an injury, and will slow you down until you can heal up.

Ubisoft has stated that the game will be co-op, which will allow you to jump into the action with your friends at any point to fight alongside you. In addition, there are also competitive multiplayer options.

In the co-op gameplay, you can also carry your down teammates on your shoulder and carry them out of the firefight. You can also take advantage of the environment to blend in and hide from your enemies. Temporary refuge areas called Bivouac also something new in this game, that can allow you to change classes, craft items, select time of day and weather before continuing, and even upgrade gear.

The game will also receive regular updates that will bring in changes and quite possibly more content like we have seen of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Breakpoint will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as it launches on October 4, 2019.

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