Gears 5 Multiplayer Test Guide: How to Get Access, Requirements, Dates and More

Gears 5 Multiplayer Test

Gears 5 is right around the corner however before the full game release, developer The Coalition wants to give the players a taste of the game through some multiplayer technical test and betas. The first of these technical tests are starting this month as the studio has revealed detailed information about the tests. We have compiled all the information that you will want to know if you want to participate in these technical tests and get a taste of the game before it comes out in 2 months.


Starting with the platforms, just like the previous Gears of War games in the franchise, Gears 5 will be Xbox exclusive which means that the technical tests will only run on Xbox One and PCs running Windows 10. If you want to participate in the technical tests, these are your only 2 platform options.

How to Get Access

The Coalition has announced that apart from the players who pre-order the Gears 5 game digitally or physically, Xbox Game Pass members will also get access to the Gears 5 multiplayer technical test. So naturally, if you have not pre-ordered the game yet but you are a member of Xbox Game Pass, you will see the game appear automatically in your library when the test begins. In addition, since there is no offline in technical tests, players will need Xbox Live Gold.

Technical Test Dates

The first technical test for Gears 5 is planned for July 19, 10 AM PT which will run through July 21. The second technical test is planned for July 26, 10 AM PT which will run through July 29. Players who have access will be able to start the download of the beta client from July 17 10 AM PT which will give them plenty of time to get ready for the first technical test.

However, this is not all. The Coalition has also announced that a third technical test will take place in August but the confirmed dates have not been announced at this point. We are sure that the confirmed dates will be announced once the July technical tests are over. However, the third technical test will be based on the Horde mode so players can look for something fresh next month.

Multiplayer Technical Tests Contents

The technical tests will be pretty decent as they will have four different online modes to choose from. These include Escalation, Arcade, King of the Hill and Bootcamp. Bootcamp will allow players to get acquainted with the controls and the mechanics and get better at the game for other modes. The Tour of Duty event will also be a part of the technical test.

This will be a mini Tour of Duty where you will be able to complete Medals and unlock exclusive Tester Weapon Skins that will be available in the full game when it comes out. If you manage to complete all 3 Medals, you will get a cool Tester Banner for the full game.

PC Requirements

Since the multiplayer technical test is also heading to PC, it is important that we share the PC requirements here as well so that you can check out well the game is going to run on your system. Check out the table below for the minimum and recommended PC requirements for both AMD and Nvidia based systems.

Gears 5 Multiplayer Test

For more details on the Gears 5 Multiplayer Technical Test, you can head over to the official press release by The Coalition.

Gears 5 is slated for release on September 10, 2019, on Xbox One and PCs running Windows 10.

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