Gearbox Teases Potential Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem Reveal for PAX East

Gearbox PAX East

In a new tweet, Gearbox has teased yet another new title for PAX East and this time is between Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem. This is yet another tease by Gearbox who has been teasing some titles for a few weeks now for PAX East. The new tease is a single image showing Ishi from Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem so it could lead to anything.

Gearbox has been on a roll with all the teases and they teased potentially Borderlands 3, a brand new Penn & Teller title and a surprise announcement as well. The latest tease is somewhat familiar to us when it comes to aces but them coming in the same picture is a little bit off. It could lead to a Nintendo Switch release for the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition as well.

We will be super glad if Bulletstorm 2 is coming out because the first title in the franchise ended at a cliffhanger and we have been waiting ever since for the second game to come out. We would love to see what happens next in the series. The chances of a new Duke Nukem game cannot be out of the equation as well at this point.

You can check out Gearbox’s tweet below and decide which side you want to be on.

As you can see, there is not much to say at this point. When the remastered version of Bulletstorm was released back in 2017, Duke Nukem was a DLC character in the game and players were able to play the entire game as Duke Nukem if they purchased the DLC. This could lead to yet another collaboration between the two franchises or just one.

PAX East is happening next week through March 28-31, 2019. We will be providing complete coverage of the event so check back at GamesHedge for all the news and announcements next week.

What do you think about the tease? Are you team Bulletstorm or Team Duke Nukem or both? Let us know in the comments section below.

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