Pro Fortnite French Player Wins $75,000 in European Winter Royale

European Winter Royale

Pro Fortnite player wins European Winter royale grand prize and bags a total of $75,000 prize money. He is 19-year old French player, Clément “Skite” Danglot. Skite finished the final round with 10 points and leads famous streamers.

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Winter Royale is an open event for pro Fortnite players. The competition runs from November 24 to December 12, 2018. A total of $1,000,000 is announced for the event. $500,000 will be available for Winter Royale finals for Europe while other $500,000 for American Winter Royale.

European Winter royale finals for this week are over and French pro Fortnite player rises at the occasion bagging a total of $75,000 of the total $500,000 prize pool for the European half of the competition.

Here are the top 10 EU Grand Final players with their respective scores:

  • LeStream Skite – 10
  • Twitch Tuckz717 – 9
  • Atlantis Mitr0 – 8
  • Ghost Issa – 8
  • ECA Skram – 8
  • BMICE NowardBE – 7
  • IG.Skailer – 7
  • uNp FeRinS_ – 6
  • k1ck raZguL – 6
  • Twitch_Arsen2k – 5

The North American finals are scheduled for December 11-12, 2018. Here is the schedule planned for the North American finals.

  • Heat 1: December 11, 12PM – 3PM PST/ 3PM – 6PM EST/ 8PM – 11PM GMT
  • Heat 2: December 11, 4PM – 7PM PST/ 7PM – 10PM EST, December 12, 12AM – 3AM GMT
  • Grand Finals: December 12, 2PM – 6PM PST/ 5PM – 9PM EST/ 10PM – (December 13) 2AM GMT

Reportedly, Clément “Skite” Danglot qualified for European Winter royale with 42 points. Skite got top scores against few popular Fortnite streamers. He also scored one point more against the top player of North American region.

Ninja from US is listed on Epic Games website at 150 out of 200 players who made it through and will compete in the event. What other players are you looking forward to see in the open competition? Tell us.

Are you excited to see more famous Pro Fortnite streams from North American region? Let us know more about them in comments section below.

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