Forza Horizon 5 Horizon Baja Treasure Stunt Guide – Treasure Stunt Location, Treasure Chest

Forza Horizon 5 Horizon Baja Treasure Stunt Guide

Moving on to the Winter season of the Horizon Creatives update, we have brand-new challenges to complete, and accompanying this week is yet another new Treasure Stunt challenge. Forza Horizon 5 is taking a new approach for its treasure hunts for this week and instead of the regular treasure hunts, we have treasure stunts which first require you to complete a short stunt course before you can smash through the chest and gain the rewards. This Forza Horizon 5 Horizon Baja Treasure Stunt Guide will help you complete this week’s treasure stunt challenge easily.

Horizon Baja Treasure Stunt Guide – Forza Horizon 5

Before we find the location of the new treasure stunt, we will first check out the treasure clue which details the location of where you can find the treasure stunt. It states: Head West from the Horizon Baja Festival Site and look to the coast, to find the Treasure Stunt course!’ This clue is pretty simple and all you need to do is spawn at the Horizon Baja Festival Site and start heading towards the coast. It is the big green Horizon Festival site and is present near the top-left section of the map. You will easily spot the Treasure Stunt up ahead because the whole area is pretty wide and open. We have also marked its location on the map below for you:

Once you have spotted the treasure stunt location, you will get the notification that you have solved the clue and the location of the treasure chest will be instantly marked on your map as well. It is present at the last jump of the treasure stunt. Now all you have to do is complete the treasure stunt and you will reach the location of the treasure chest.

Forza Horizon 5 Horizon Baja Treasure Stunt Guide

To complete the challenge, simply smash through the treasure chest and you will earn the rewards of 100,000 CR and 3 points towards the festival playlist completion. Ensure that your vehicle is powerful enough to manage the treasure stunt because it has plenty of jumps and inclines that will require substantial power and speed.

That is all for this guide. If you need help with other challenges for this week’s playlist, make sure that you check out our Forza Horizon 5 AvantGardens Photo Challenge Guide and Forza Horizon 5 Boiling Point Collectibles Guide. For more help with the game, check out the guides linked below:

This concludes our Forza Horizon 5 Horizon Baja Treasure Stunt Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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