FIFA 19 FUT Card Types Leaked, Full List Revealed


FIFA is EA longest running franchise and it is one of most anticipated sports game every year. This year’s FIFA title is FIFA 19 and despite the launch date being near, information about the game is leaking out with the latest leak being the FUT Card types.

Recently, the user leaked the FUT Card Typed list on Twitter for FIFA 19, which is due to launch at the end of this month. In this era, there are no surprises when a leak happens and now it seems like the latest game to have some sort of information leak before its launch is FIFA 19.

Twitter user FIFANOMISCNET has revealed the complete list of FIFA 19 FUT card types. You can check out the tweet below.

This leak comes after the leak of all FIFA 19 5-Star skill players some time ago so this is not he first time information has been leaked relating to FIFA 19. If you still do not know which players will have 5-Star skills, we have detailed their names below.

  • Corona (Porto)
  • Depay (Lyon)
  • Acuña (Sporting CP)
  • Coutinho (Barcelona)
  • Mbappé (PSG)
  • Neres (Ajax)
  • Haqiri (Liverpool)
  • Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid)
  • Ødegaard (Vitesse)
  • Ibrahimovic (L.A. Galaxy)
  • Zaha (Crystal Palace)
  • Elia (Istanbul)
  • Coman (Bayern Munich)
  • Bernardeschi (Juventus)
  • Marcelo (Real Madrid)

Apart from the player list leak, a new game mode is also coming in FIFA 19 in which for the first time, the game will feature 11 vs 11 matches in which a player will be cut short from the team who will score. This will lead to some very interesting matches especially in couch co-op.

New game modes are always refreshing and it looks like EA is now trying to keep the game fresh by introducing new game modes. FIFA comes out every year and without some fresh new modes, the game was starting to feel stagnant and repetitive every year. It is a good thing that players are finally getting some new game modes now.

FIFA 19 is set to launch on September 28 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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