Farming Simulator 19 Animals Guide – Chickens, Pigs, Sheep, Horses

Farming Simulator 19 Animals Guide

In this Farming Simulator 19 Animals Guide, we will show you how you can raise animals with the different types of breeds that are available to you in the game. We will show you where you can keep your animals and how you can take care of them. Finally we will show you how to buy, raise and sell the resources you get from the animals.

In Farming Simulator 19 there are five different species of animals available or you that you can buy and raise. The five types of animals are:

  • Chickens
  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Cows
  • Horses

These five animals come with different characteristics and requirements, providing different benefits and amount of workload they require.

Farming Simulator 19 Animals Guide

Below we will show you how to raise animals in the game. You can breed animals right when you start the game, but required a few things to buy where you can store your animals, water and food requirements that they will require, and how you can take care of them.

Following the basics, we will talk about the types of animals, how you can buy them, and what you should expect when harvesting the produce.

Animal Pens

Before you can begin breeding your livestock and animals, you need to provide a place to keep each type of animal that you have bought. This can be done by buying animal pens that. Each animal pen comes with two dimensions, but you can place a number of pens anywhere you want.

Animal pens come with different prices ranging from the type of animals they can keep in them. In addition, you are required to provide a few necessitaties that come with them. These are cleaning the pen, providing water, and buying bales of hat, straw, or mixed feeds.

Animal Feed & Water

Once you have your pen ready, you need to provide food for your animals. The feed can be bought from the store that you can buy for the specific animal and the type of food that it will require. The foods you can buy from the store are:

  • Oat and wheat sacks
  • Bales of straw, hay, or silage
  • Mixed feed for pigs

You animals also require water. You can get water from a few locations by filling up your water tanker. The locations where you can get water from are:

  • Water tanks, shown on the map
  • A tank build that you can buy from the shop
  • Or any bodies where you can get fresh water from

Cleaning the Pens

Every animal pen that you have on your farm will require some cleaning up. You can do this by getting any front loader and shoveling up the feed that may have spilled out of the pen, and place it back into the feeder. This will ensure that you are not wasting feed, and the pens remain clean.

Types of Animals

Here we will provide detailed descriptions of every animal species that is available for you, and show you what you need to feed them and how you can make profit out of them.


To raise and breed chickens, you need to buy a poultry house. This can be bought from the store that will give you a few options and choices of chicken pens. The Chicken Pens come in small and large sizes:

  • Small: $20,000 and can hold up to 100 chickens
  • Large: $40,000 and can hold up to 400 chickens

After you have bought the Chicken pen, you can now go ahead and buy the chickens. Chickens can be bought from the animal dealer, who will sell the chickens for $50 each, plus $15 each for transporting them to your farm.

Chickens only require wheat for food, which you can buy and from the store. Once you have the trailer with the food, you can pour it on the marked area to the right of the gate. Small chicken coop can hold up to 1000L of food, while the large one can hold 5000L.

Chicken Produce

In Farming Simulator 19, every 20 chickens can lay 1 liter of eggs every 15 minutes in the game. which adds up to 480 liters of eggs if you have 100 chickens. However, there are a few factors that can affect reproduction:

10 chickens will make a new one every 24 hours, which means that with 20 chickens it will take half the amount of time (12 hours). But if you have a lot of chickens, say about 100, they only need 2 and half hours to make one.

The rate of reproduction depends on the same species and color, if it needs to be improved.

The new chickens that are reproduced can be sold for half the price the chickens can be bought for, which sits at $25.

Selling Eggs

Once you have enough eggs, they will appear in 150L cardboard boxes that you need to transport to a collection point, and to be sold.


In Farming simulator 19, pigs are the most demanding animals in the game. The only way you can make a decent profit out of them is by keeping the rate of reproduction high, and selling multiple of pigs.

To breed pigs, you need to buy pig enclosures which are available in the following sizes:

  • Small: $90,000 and can hold 100 pigs
  • Large: $250,000 and can hold 300 pigs

Pigs require a mixed of food that requires a few crop produce that you can either get from your farm, or buy from the store. Pigs require a lot of food if their rate of reproduction is to be kept high. The mixes of food they require are:

  1. 5% Corn
  2. 20% Rape, Soye, Sunflower
  3. 25% Wheat or Oat
  4. 50% Corn

Reproduction and Fertilizers from Pigs

Pigs are best at making fertilizers as collected fertilizers from slurry and manure. You can store fertilizers or even sell them. If you have 12 pigs, they will produce 700L of manure that can be sold for $280, while they also produce 550L of slurry that can be sold for $1100.

12 pigs can ensure reproduction within 12 hours, which means you will get two times a day, profiting $3,000 per day.


Sheep are the easiest to manage in the game as they have low requirements and only require some hay and water.  before you begin with sheep, you first have to ensure to buy a pasture for the sheep. Pastures can be bought in the following sizes:

  • Small Pasture: $65,000 and can hold up to 60 sheep
  • Large Pasture: $180,000 and can hold up to 250 sheep

Food and Water

Sheep require water, which is again the same way as you would transport water to a pen. Take your water tanker and fill up with the water source you prefer or have on your farm. Then pour the water into the water tanks near the pasture.

For food, sheep require grass or hay that can be collected from your own farm, loaded onto a wagon and dropped into the feeder near the pasture.

Wool from Sheep

For profit, you will get wool from sheep, which can be sold. However, there is no time frame for when wool will be available. The quality of wool also decreases over time which also makes it difficult to estimate how much wool you will get.

But an approximate time for sheep to produce wool is 96 hours/10 sheep. The production starts of slow in the start, but can yield you around 1000 liters in 24 hours. An average profit on normal is $1,000 for every for every 10 sheep per 24 hours.


You can also keep horses in the game, which can be trained and then sold. Horses need to be kept in a horse pen that you can build on your farm. The small horse pen can hold up to 8 horses in it.

Horses can feed on straw or hay which can be collected from your own farm. In addition, they also require water that you can collect in your water tanker and transport it to the pen, and poured into the marked area for water.

Horses can be sold after you have trained them. To train your horse, you need to ride them until the training level of the horse is up to 100%. Although the price of the horse is best on the trained level, grooming also plays a factor in increase the value of the horse. This is where you need to clean your horse every day for maximum profit.

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This concludes our Farming Simulator 19 Animals Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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