Far Cry New Dawn Monstrous Animals Guide – Where to Find, How to Kill

In this Far Cry New Dawn Monstrous Animals Guide, we will guide you where you can find the monstrous animals and which weapons work best against them in Far Cry New Dawn. Monstrous Animals are highly mutated animals which are a lot tougher to kill and are extremely dangerous if you approach them unprepared.

These animals are the hardest animals in Far Cry New Dawn to kill and you must go take them down only when you are at the top of you perk and gun game. Our Far Cry New Dawn Monstrous Animals Guide will help you find these animals and will also tell you some tips and tricks on taking down these mutated creatures.

Monstrous Animals – Far Cry New Dawn

Our Far Cry New Dawn Monstrous Animals Guide details everything that you need to know about monstrous animals in Far Cry New Dawn. There are four monstrous animals in Far Cry New Dawn and they are the toughest of the bunch.

You must use exotic weapons if you want to take them down easily. Also, keep your distance from these animals as they will quickly kill you if they manage to get close. You can purchase the map from the Cartography facility to show their locations on your map however if you do not want to wait that long, we have their locations shown below.

Monstrous Bison

The Monstrous Bison might appear slow and sluggish but it hits really hard. It will run at you and try to ram you with its thick skull and horns. It can also lift you up and throw you up in the air so make sure that you do not come in its path while it is charging at you. It cannot change directions quickly so sidestep while it is coming at you from a good distance. It can be found at the following location.

Monstrous Boar

The monstrous boar will start running towards you the instant you start shooting at it. It can also follow you in water however its swimming speed is a lot slower than yours. Aim for the red exposed skin in his head and unload your assault rifle at a range and quickly switch to your shotgun when it comes close. At close range, your shotgun will make short work of it. It can be found at the following location.

Monstrous Cougar

Out of all the monstrous animals, the cougar is the most agile and fast animal. Before encountering one, make sure that you pack up on ammo and Medkits. The cougar will always hit you and sometimes pin you down as well so make sure you are ready to kick its face away when it pins you down.

You will need to move around very quickly and use jumps to escape its grasp. Never stop moving while fighting the cougar. Run, jump, sprint and you will be fine. If the cougar is fast, you need to be faster. Try to anticipate its path and avoid heading there as you will get pinned to the ground.

Use shotgun against it because it will close down the gap very quickly and will mostly stay close to you. Its weak spot is under its belly which makes it very hard to kill. At the start of the battle, you will find it killing some highwaymen, use the opportunity to deal as much damage from a safe distance as possible before moving in. It is found on the location below.

Monstrous Bear

The monstrous bear is also fast but not as fast as the cougar. It will also pin you down and attack with its massive paws. However, it will frequently raise up on its hind legs revealing its softer underbelly. Hit it with your shotgun to deal massive damage. It cannot survive more than 5 direct shots on its weak side.

If it manages to pin you down, make sure that you are ready to attack it and get out of trouble. You can also damage while hitting its upper body however keep running around until it lifts up. Fire to deal massive damage at this point and take it down quickly. It can be found at the following locations.

Best Weapons to Use Against Monstrous Animals

You must go fully prepared with plenty of ammo and good weapons. We highly recommend that you use none other than exotic weapons to take these down because they will be much easier to kill with exotic level weapons. You can kill them with lower rank weapons as well but the fight will be very long and tedious.

We recommend that you bring along ‘Radiation-Pink’ AK-MS assault rifle, ‘Blissful Agony’ D2 shotgun and ‘DIY’ D50 pistol with you along. While at the distance, AK-MS is going to be your weapons of choice. Keep shooting at the glowing weak spots of the animal while it is far from you to deal maximum damage.

If the animal manages to come close to you, switch to either D2 or D50 and start raining down bullets at the animal to deal massive damage at close range. Never get too close to these animals. Also, avoid using bows as they will be mostly useless in close range. Also, you can use explosives but they ruin all the fun in fighting these brutal animals. Above weapons are our choices to use while going up against these monstrous animals.

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Which weapons do you use against these monstrous animals? Shoot them away in the comments section below.

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  1. I agree that using the bow can be difficult against the monstrous animals, but you get 2x the skins if the killshot is a bow, plus the elite compound bow does 1200 damage when you hit the sweet spot, more once you upgrade it.

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