Embark on a Whimsical Adventure: DROS Set to Land on Nintendo Switch

DROS Dev Log

Get ready to swap characters, solve puzzles, and scale the heights of the Alchemist’s Tower as emergeWorlds teams up with publisher RedDeer.Games to bring the enchanting adventure platformer, DROS, to Nintendo Switch! Bursting with charm and creativity, DROS invites players to explore the whimsical world of Captain and Little Dros, where every twist and turn holds a new surprise.

In DROS, players step into the shoes (or goop) of Captain and Little Dros, a dynamic duo with unique abilities. Switch between Captain for tasks requiring strength and combat prowess, while Little Dros shines in situations that demand agility and cunning. Seamlessly swap between characters to navigate through puzzles, overcome obstacles, and ascend to the pinnacle of the Alchemist’s Tower.

Check out the trailer below:

Embark on an adventure through 40 meticulously crafted diorama-like stages, each offering its own set of challenges and delights. From platforming perils to mind-bending puzzles, hidden secrets, and encounters with the mischievous ‘Corrupted Dros’, every level of DROS promises an unforgettable journey.

As you ascend the Alchemist’s Tower, prepare to encounter a colorful cast of characters, both human and Dros, each with their own quirks and personalities. Some will lend a helping hand, while others may pose obstacles in your path. Engage in delightful conversations, uncover secrets, and forge unexpected alliances on your quest to thwart the Alchemist’s nefarious plans.

Features to Delight and Entertain

  • Handcrafted visuals bring the Tower to life with intricate detail.
  • Immerse yourself in a unique soundtrack by electronic pioneer Arovane.
  • Explore 40 levels filled with diverse puzzles, enemies, and hidden treasures.
  • Swap between Captain and Little Dros to leverage their distinct abilities.
  • Uncover Prima to unlock new skills and abilities.
  • Engage with a cast of odd yet endearing characters, infused with humor and heart.
  • Collect diary entries to uncover deeper layers of story and multiple endings.
  • Challenge yourself with new post-game content and special secrets.

DROS Nintendo Switch

DROS is currently available on Steam, Humble, and GOG.com, offering players a chance to embark on their adventure on PC. Soon, Nintendo Switch players will have the opportunity to join in the fun as DROS makes its debut on the handheld console. Get ready to dive into a world of whimsy, challenge, and discovery like never before.


DROS Celebrates Upcoming Switch Launch with Devlog and Art

Would you be interested in playing DROS on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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