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In this The Division 2 Echoes Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all Echoes hidden around in Washington D.C. in The Division 2. Echoes is one of the collectibles that you can collect in The Division 2. These are memories which show you different tragedies when they are triggered. Each Echo shows you the tragic past of someone at that specific location.

We have curated this The Division 2 Echoes Guide in which we have detailed the location of all the Echoes that are found in The Division 2. The Echoes fall in three different categories which include World Echoes, Unknown Echoes, and Faction Echoes. We have detailed all Echoes belonging in all three categories below for you.

Echoes Guide – The Division 2

Our The Division 2 Echoes Guide details the locations of all the Echoes that are found in The Division 2.

Unknown Echoes

This section of the guide will detail all Unknown Echoes found in The Division 2. These are five in total.

Unknown Echo #1 – Recon

Head to the small garden located in the west of the White House.

Unknown Echo # 2 – Coffee

This Echo is located inside a restaurant in Downtown East. The restaurant is located at the border of Downtown East and White House.

Unknown Echo # 3 – Secret Service

Head west from the White House where you will find a building with a garage. Head inside the garage and look for a white van. The Echo is located near this white van. You can look for the entrance near the truck parked on the road.

Unknown Echo # 4 – Network Sabotage

Head to the West Potomac Park and you will find a house which can be climbed inside. Use the stairs inside and get inside the house. Inside, go down the stairs and you will find the ECHO icon inside.

Unknown Echo # 5 – Interrogation

At the west of The Choke Control Point, there is a garage with this Echo inside it.

Faction Echoes

This section of the guide details all the Faction Echoes found in The Division 2. These are 11 in total.

Faction Echo #1 – Agent Down

Head to the North West Edge of Downtown East and you will find this Echo inside an alley.

Faction Echo # 2 – Job Offer

Head to the north section of Downtown East and find the Water Resource Node here. The Echo is right next to it.

Faction Echo # 3 – Felony Murder

From the Settlement in Downtown East, head southwest and look for the Echo right at the border of Federal Triangle on the small road next to some tires.

Faction Echo # 4 – The Last Supper

In Constitution Hall, head to the Ivy Tunnel Control Point and start heading north. When you reach the border of the Ivy Tunnel Control Point, you will arrive at the building that you need to enter. The entrance to this building is located in the north section where you must then use the stairs to go up and gain entrance to an apartment where the Echo is located.

Faction Echo # 5 – True Sons Trial

In the East Mall, head to the east side of the Metro Ruins Control located near the main road and you will find the Echo in some grass.

Faction Echo # 6 – Lessons

If you head to the northwest of the Overgrowth Control Point in West End, there is a small courtyard. The Echo is located here.

Faction Echo # 7 – Division Agents

Make your way southeast from Sleeping Giant Control Point in Foggy Bottom to find this Echo in between some plantation.

Faction Echo # 8 – Promotion

Head north from the safe house located in Federal Triangle and enter the building to find an Echo in it.

Faction Echo # 9 – The Stash

In Federal Triangle, head northwest from the ViewPoint Museum Main Mission. If you consider the overall general area of Federal Triangle, this is the eastern section of the area.

Faction Echo # 10 – Frisk

In the northwestern section of Constitution Hall, you will find this Echo. To get to this Echo, you can either climb the truck to get access to this location or take the longer but easier route from the north of the Eco. If you open the map, this area is located on the top-left of the Safe House in this area above the Control Point near the edge.

Faction Echo # 11 – Under Arrest

From the Washington Monument Control Point, head northwest and you will find this Echo in front of some tents and a generator in West Potomac Park.

World Echoes

This section of the guide details all the World Echoes found in The Division 2. These are 17 in total.

World Echo # 1 – Rally

This Echo can be picked up easily during the DZ West Story Mission.

World Echo # 2 – Insubordination

You will come across it while playing the Dark Zone mission in the south Dark Zone.

World Echo # 3 – Emergency Evacuation

Play the first Dark Zone mission in the eastern Dark Zone and you will come across this Echo during the mission. Cannot be missed.

World Echo # 4 – Rogue Agents

In the Southwest region, head east from the Choke Control point and go down the stairs where you will find an SHD Cache. The Echo is located here as well clearly in sight.

World Echo # 5 – Factory Time

Open the map and head to the Safe House in Judiciary Square. Head right from the Safe House until you come to the border of the region. Here, you will find a building that can be accessed from the ground floor. Inside, use the stairs to go down and find the Echo on the floor below.

World Echo # 6 – April Kelleher

This is the building right above the safe house of Judiciary Square when you look at the map. The Echo is located at the top of the building so you will need to make your way up to the top using rope. You can shoot the rope release mechanism to free up the rope and get to the top.

World Echo # 7 – Emergency Room

This Echo is in the Contamination Zone in West End. Enter the zone by shooting the yellow fuse box located in the side room and heading in. Once inside, keep going up until you climb out and see the Echo right in your front.

World Echo # 8 – Orders

Head north from the White House and you will find this Echo in the middle of the road.

World Echo # 9 – Civil Unrest

Head south from the Capitol Hill entrance to find this Echo on the roundabout in East Mall.

World Echo # 10 – Hostile Activity

This Echo is found southeast from the World’s End Control Point in Downtown.

World Echo # 11 – David Hawkings

This Echo is located south of the Lincoln Memorial in West Potomac Park.

World Echo # 12 – Orphan

This Echo is located in Foggy Bottom. The apartment where this Echo is located in the top-right corner of the district when you open the map. To get inside the apartment, you will need to use the truck and climb the wooden platform.

World Echo # 13 – Panic Room

This Echo is found on the ground floor of the building located in the top-left corner of Judiciary Square.

World Echo # 14 – Relocated

Reach the starting location of the main mission ‘Potomac Event Center and head west to find this Echo is Foggy Bottom. It is right next to a bus and near a No Entry sign.

World Echo # 15 – Vigilantes

Make your way to West Potomac Park and head east from Lincoln Memorial to find this Echo near some fallen trees and the lake.

World Echo # 16 – Memorial

Near the same Lincoln Memorial in West Potomac Park, you will find another Echo near some stairs.

World Echo # 17 – Interview

You will find this Echo in the building located in the center of three control points in the West End. You can get access to the apartment by climbing the truck parked on the main road.

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This concludes our The Division 2 Echoes Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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